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How to give the installments in the payment of criminal fines

Question - answer - Legal advice 13.12.2018 at 17:11

Question - answer - Legal advice


the Supreme court of Russia has prepared a special explanation,

to replace convicted lenient punishment stricter, if the soft don't

go for the future.

for Example, if the court appointed convicted, the fine, and

he didn't pay. On 13 December, the plenary Supreme court of Russia has considered

the draft amendments to the two ordinances, clarifying the issues of appointment and

changes the punishment. Change, also the practice has revealed

some problems, and required separately to clarify some of


One of the issues that is being discussed, in which case

it is appropriate to put the question on installments. The law allows a

to provide convicted installments up to five years, if he can not

to pay a fine immediately. This issue should be resolved by the court in making

sentence. However, if the original installment was not given, and to pay

turns to whether the convicted person to ask about the installment plan instead of

replacement by a more severe punishment?