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Battle of the sexes: the contribution of a woman, the investment man themes of the day 12.12.2018 at 21:06

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The average client's investment companies and banks differ by gender. Most of the clients of the investment firm, men aged 40 years, and a number of traditional banking products are largely female.

Statistics use of financial products suggests that men try to increase money, and women — to spend or to save for a Deposit. Whether this is due to the gap in income levels or because in our culture women ought not to think of earnings?

"Have the leisure time, advanced sports"

to Deal with the accumulation of capital can afford mainly active men who have their own business at the age of 40 years and older.

"If to speak about investments, our main target audience are men from 40 years, family. They clearly understand their goals and monitor the budget, they have a financial plan. Most often it is the people who have the leisure time, often they have their own business. They are active, play sports, open to new things, technically advanced," says marketing Director of the company "BCS" Elena Reverend.

According to RLMS-HSE (the Russian monitoring of economic situation and population health, HSE), the average difference of salaries of men and women in Russia is 25%. Researcher, Laboratory for comparative social research, HSE, Natalia Soboleva says that as discrimination and samoistselyatsya. "Women earn less than men, and there is a discrimination, and semidiscretisation. Women are often less willing to invest in your career, take some positions due to the fact that it may be difficult to combine work and family. For this reason, women often agree to work with lower wages, to be able to cope with all their responsibilities," she points out.

"Investors-men, of course, more confirms chief analyst GK TeleTrade Peter Pushkarev. "Accurate statistics on this subject we are not, but can judge by the audience public workshops, which I conducted in different cities of Russia: visitors-men there was about 70%. But I would not say the experience of communicating with clients that women have lower financial literacy: rather, on the contrary, he is above average. Higher in women and diligence, trading discipline, they are less greedy and more prudent or frugal to money," — said Pushkarev.

the News a Woman is more concerned about the "internal" side of the family

Historically, the stock market are mostly men. According to statistics, men traders in Russia 77%, and women only 23%.

"In our country, traditionally, in most families, men are responsible for the financial situation, they think more about how to provide for his family, how to earn and multiply. A woman, as a rule, more concerned about the "internal" side of the family — so everyone was fed, clothed, shod, and so on. So if both of them decided to invest, the emphasis in the famous formula of "save and grow" men do on the second word, and women on the ground. As a result, women are much less at risk and more likely to commit profitable trades. According to statistics, for the state of the law, the tax deduction for individual investment account women turn much more often, while the vast majority of investors-men either do not know about this possibility, or ignore it," — said the head of analytical Department of company "Finist" Katya Frankel. According to her, in many countries of Western Europe and the U.S. the ratio of men and women in financial markets is approximately equal. According to the analyst, this is also largely due to the situation of women in family and society and their role in the traditional way of life. "I'm sure that in Saudi Arabia women investors of units, if any, they have," adds Frankel.

the Picture changes completely if we look at the traditional banking products. As a rule, the share of women Deposit holders is higher than men by about 10 percentage points. So, in Bank "Russian Standard", "Renaissance Credit", "East" the ratio of women and men in the total number of depositors is approximately 60 to 40. The reason is that, as a rule, women are responsible for the family budget. So they open the Deposit, which is placed in the particular family savings.

Images of wealth and masculinity

Men are business investment, and women spend money. Based on such information, banks are developing their advertising campaign, says the founder of the marketing Agency Qmarketing novel Kumar Vias. "Advertising about the opening of accounts of legal entities is mainly aimed at entrepreneurs-men who so often appear in her images of women that depict an office lady. The Deposit is very often a happy family, it just so happened, as the loose money from people in Russia appear in a more conscious age. Investment products aimed at people with a large risk factor, play images of wealth and masculinity, because their main audience is just free men who have extra money," he explains.

In "the Russian Standard" have told that focusing on a female audience in advertising and promoting their products rollup using a soft, family images. "For example, is now advertising for a seasonal contribution "new year income" with a maximum rate of 8% used in the form of a cute snowman", — reported in the Bank.

the Bank "Renaissance Credit" finds that women are more likely to make a purchase and they focused Bank, offering products in the field of retail.

"In General, the proportion of women among Bank clients is always quite high. If to speak about the field of retail, here is the girls account for the vast majority of consumers: they make purchases and use services. Our Bank is one of the most active players in the retail business, so this factor affects us," says Executive Director, head of Department for development of remote business and promote Bank products "Renaissance Credit" Alexey Gribkov. The Bank tries to take into account this gender feature.

"there's always some nuance that focuses on the female audience. For example, in our call center, "working" robot-man novel. Defining a special category under our bonus program, we orientirueshsya on the region, popular with women: cosmetics, jewelry, cafes and restaurants, entertainment, goods for children and the like. With regard to advertising images, then the Bank aims to use images, nice female eye: either it's men's images, or a touching family or relatives of the girls from the point of view of emotions," said Fungi.

Quote Men are eager to win in a fight with a bear or an investment Fund

All in natural disposition. Men need the risk, and women in stability, so first go to the stock market, and the second put the money on Deposit, said General Director of financial company "Mani Fanny" Alexander Shustov.

"In my opinion, this situation is largely due to the tendency to conservative and risky approach to savings. Men are more risk-averse, they are important not so much the result of investment, how much passion, work in the financial markets is akin to hunting. I do not exclude that here work on the subconscious level some primitive triggers in society are blocked by norms of morality and etiquette. For women much more important than stability, is dominated by the desire to maintain a sense of security, rather than risk addiction. I think the mystery lies in some gender phenotypes influenced by both genetic and social factors in the process of education. It's not about the settled stereotypes, namely about the influence independent from the individual factors in the process of formation of his personality shape his ideas about how he, in particular, manages its own property and funds. It is no secret that we are all in the process of socialization largely copied the behavior of other, more successful people, while seeking to adopt is not so much their demeanor or the principles of interaction with the world, how many to join to their success, repeat it. If for young people as role models are achieving success in the battle — no matter with whom: with bear or with the investment Fund — they will strive to become such. Girls in the European society traditionally imparted other values, in particular the already mentioned stability, and prosperity.

Hence, most likely, and commitment to risky and conservative investments," concludes Shustov.