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Million without collateral themes of the day 17.12.2018 at 21:06

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Over the past year the average amount of consumer credits has soared by 26%. There are banks, where the average loan amounts to 800 thousand rubles. What risks are banks giving millions without bail, and their customers?

the Banks suddenly "inflated" the size of the cash loans, some are willing to give a million rubles without collateral. What is the explanation? Greed customers or the need to implement the plan?

the"How the Bank calculates an offer like that?"

"I average income by the standards of Moscow, and if we subtract from it the rent for housing, you get a figure close to regional salary. But my salary Bank regularly sends text messages, which reported that I approved a loan of over a million rubles. It would be interesting to know how the Bank calculates such proposals", — told the reader Elena.

According to Frank RG, since the beginning of 2015 the average size of cash loans increased by 58%. During the same period, the average gross wages increased only by 28%.

During the past year the average amount of new consumer loans in Russia increased by 26%, from 208 thousand to 261 thousand rubles, said in a press-service of the United credit Bureau. According to the Bureau, the average interest rate on cash loan for the year decreased from 17% to 15.7%, while the average loan term has grown from 2.7 to 3 years. "In General, the increase in the average check due to several factors. On the one hand, the dependence of the rate from the loan amount — the larger the amount, the lower the rate. Also, banks remain quite cautious risk policy, preferring to lend to their existing customers with a high level of income. On the other hand, borrowers themselves more actively in the banks using the period of the reduced rates for the implementation of pent-up demand, and amid news of a possible increase in interest rates on consumer loans," — said in the joint credit Bureau.

"the Client is ready to take any amount"

the representatives of the surveyed credit organizations believe that the increase in the average loan amount is that banks are able to identify the paying customers. "Usually, the credits for large sums still being issued to clients with a history of having cards, payroll projects, deposits (even closed at the time of formation of sentences). This allows to better assess the customer's solvency. So in this case, the relationship of the size of the loan and other deathnote, the Bank monitors the flow of the client. In any case, it is more reliable segment POS", — says the Deputy Chairman of the Board Loko-Bank Andrey lyushin.

"We do observe some upward trend in the average loan amount in cash. Since the beginning of the year growth of this indicator was 25%. In Bank "the East" these changes we associate with the development of the retail network in regions with a higher income and updating the product line to attract a new client segment", — says Deputy Chairman of Board of Bank "the East" Alexey Creator.

the Bank "Russian Standard" also say that the trend growth in the average amount of loan out there. "The average loan amount in cash, according to the BCI, in the second half of 2018 is more than 200 thousand rubles. In February of this year, "Russian Standard" has increased the maximum loan amount under the program of cash loans up to 2 million rubles. Until then, the maximum size of such loan amounted to 500 thousand rubles. We confirm the trend in the increase in the average loan amount. This growth is mainly due to the increase in the maximum loan amount. Welfare and financial literacy of the population also affect the increase in the average amount. Bank customers have become a more responsible approach to planning the family budget and to pay more attention to personal Finance," — said the press service of the Bank.


But not all bankers are in awe of the fact that customers are loan more money. The bulk of the population has a low income in the range of 80-100 thousand rubles. However, some large banks with market coverage issue in the mass segment cash loans for 500 thousand rubles and more. In the end, a situation where people with incomes up to 50 thousand rubles can be debt cash loans more than 1 million rubles, or 20 wages. "In my opinion, it is prohibitively dangerous for many of the market leading to the creation of family credit pyramid due to new loans are paid to old" — specifies Vice-President, Director of risk management Bank "Renaissance Credit" Gregory Shabashkevich.

"This will be over soon"

"Expert RA" note the trend towards the outpacing growth of consumer lending, but I think that it will stop soon.

"the Lack of rising purchasing power against the background of stagnant corporate lending has led to accelerated growth of crediting of the population. However, as a result of higher VAT and fuel prices and the depreciation of the ruble entered a trajectory of sustainable growth of retail lending will dry up as the driver of the banking market by 2020", — said the rating Agency. Banks thus face the risk of the need to increase reserves. "Unlike 2014, when the growth of retail portfolios of loans was accompanied by an increase of the allocations to reserves, in 2017-2018, the dynamics of retail and provisions for impairment mixed. Against the expected deceleration in retail lending capital and profits of banks will suffer a double blow: on the one hand, it will be necessary to increase reserves for maturing the results, on the other — the income on new loans to cover the reserves to a lesser degree," they concluded in the "Expert RA".