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New life on January 1: goals and objectives for 2019

Orlan 16.12.2018 at 13:58


A Man might need a certain threshold, after which life will be different, for example Monday or the beginning of the month. And New year is the most important psychological cut-off in this sense. In addition, in each still lives a child who believes in miracles and magic. It seems that the strength of the desire, coupled with the magic that is born together with the chimes, will work. It is important not to forget that we, too, will require effort.

How to formulate new year's resolutions

to Plan and give yourself a new year's resolution is important and necessary to the fulfillment of every desire starts with a dream, with visualization, with a clear idea of what should happen.

unfortunately, most new year's resolutions melt in the spring, like snow under the onslaught of the sun's rays. To avoid this, you must follow some important rules.

1. Avoid particle "no": do not eat sweets, do not drink alcohol, do not spend a lot of time on social networks. Our every desire with the particle "not" is a constraint that implicitly and I want to break it.

Think in a positive way — promise yourself not prohibitions, but a permit. For example, eat more fruit and learn to bake healthy treats instead of categorically rejecting sweets.

2. Articulate clearly what you want. The clearer and more detailed you imagine your goal, the easier it is for you to go to it. For example, the wish "I want to be beautiful" is great, but you need to do? To go to the beauty salon to get a tan, grow hair or lose weight?

Fleshing out their desires:

― I'll be slimmer and get in good shape. Ways: sports and food. I'm going to run twice a week, limit consumption of refined carbohydrates, I drink half a liter of water and eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

― I'll write a book. The goal is 12 chapters, each Chapter is a month, way is to write a daily page.

― I will improve relationships with loved ones. Way — every day to eat together once a week to arrange a joint "Sally" in the movie, cafe, Museum, Park.

3. Do not let yourself too many promises. If you are planning to radically change the lives and made a list of 30 items that you want to go accelerated pace, then the risk of not completing any tasks. Analyze your desires and select up to five most important goals.

the recording and control!

Record your new year's resolutions. Whether your desires are fixed on a sheet of paper or list will appear in the mobile app or in a file on your computer — no matter how important his presence.

set yourself reminders: let several times a year the calendar will remind you about losing weight, Smoking or a foreign language.

Another clever move is to write a letter to the future.Special online services allow you to send email at a specific date, even a year later, even after 10 years. Write a letter to December 31 of the next year to a year refer to a last year and compare the attitude towards the desires.

a Regularly updated blog will require more effort. Choose the most comfortable option for you: classic paper or electronic diary, an intimate who you do not give anyone to read, or online blog with unlimited access. This is a handy tool to track how you are progressing in the fulfillment of desires.

One of the ways to add motivation is to make a public promise. Is it worth to share with others their plans for next year? Only you can decide. Proud to post a list of social networks is not necessary but if in your environment there are people who will support you, they can tell. They gently suddenly prostimulirujte you ("I'm really looking forward to your book, which you are going to write for this year — can't wait to read!").


Create a success map. Her goal is to literally visualize desire: drawing paper, your photos, clippings from magazines (cars, jewelry, Paradise beach, apartment, cheering fans), glue, markers and you create images of your dreams.

display a map of where it is hidden from prying, but you catches the eye constantly (for example, on the inside door of the wardrobe).

If details to visualize the desire, to move them from the realm of imagination to the physical media, then these images are clearly fixed in the subconscious mind, and you subconsciously will begin to take steps that will bring you closer to the dream

Another way to visualize dreams to make a beautiful box and put in her cute little notes with their plans. During the year you can add to the desire, and in the end is to retrieve the paper and compare.

Do it now

don't need to put desire on the back burner. The longer the foreplay, the less chance that you will really start to do something new.

If you plan to eat healthy food — go to a new menu on January 1. And not once will eat up all that's left in the fridge from new year's eve. Do not be fooled and do not make excuses that another year to come. It will fly by very quickly. Remember that all great achievements begin with a small step.