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Techniques that will weed out bad ideas

Orlan 16.12.2018 at 15:07


To create a truly powerful idea, you need to refuse to look at things through the eyes of strangers, intentionally make mistakes and create errors new ideas.

here before your eyes a bunch of diverse ideas. Now all we need to eliminate the failure and to select the most fantastic.

You yourself may well recognize among their ideas unsuccessful. The technology that we have chosen from the book "I want more ideas," will give the right to voice your doubts about the quality of the ideas.

turn on the seriousness

Captured brainstorm creative ideas. Let go of the leash imagination and have fun. It is time to switch the mode.

We are too loyal when it comes to our ideas. Especially when ideas need to sell, then we will use all possible ways to tell their dignity.

But this attitude of extreme friendliness and optimism acts as blinders on a horse. We do not notice among their ideas frankly bad.

If you are working in a team, before you take a scalpel and cut out bad ideas, set rules:

take your time. Be patient, because this process requires sufficient time. Doubt. Skepticism allows us to consider the maximum number of faces of the same idea. Don't interrupt. Listen to the arguments of colleagues to the end, before you Express your own. No one knows how. You are here to complement each others ideas, not squabbling.

All of the techniques in this article can be performed individually, or in groups. Ask each participant to do yourself, and then compare the results.

Make a list of problems

Record the problems of the project for which you come up with ideas. Let the number of problems will not be less than 90. Yes, so much. First, you will write your doubts, then the logical facts and then — unusual combinations. Everything you write after 60 points, the most valuable.

Made the list — reread and highlight those with whom you work now.

Hire a newbie

we Have a unique ability to focus on what we see in front of you and ignore what is hidden from the eyes. Forget that there's still things we don't know. We don't know.

This allows to cope with the huge flow of information exactly to the moment until something new is not caught us by surprise.

Explain your idea to someone without your knowledge. The newcomer, an Intern, a friend — someone who will Express their own opinion and ask questions. If the newcomer doesn't understand your idea, you need to work on it. Listen to his questions, that your points, on which we must think.

Hire a lawyer to the devil

When you are working in a team, there is a danger of groupthink.

Any group of people that works together for a long time, begins to think in a similar way. Man is a social creature that strive for harmony in a group of people. Because of this "collective intelligence" is difficult to find errors. Someone began to speak, not to offend. Someone thinks that the main thing — to maintain a favorable climate in the team. Someone is afraid to Express an opinion because of the chief. And all the others may not notice the error.

the Harmony in the team is good for the group but bad for ideas.

Try to assign one person as the "devil's advocate". His job is to question EVERYTHING. He does not have to agree with the opinion of all participants, and to prove the opposite. Find the possible arguments, and not simply abandon the ideas of colleagues.

the Lawyer has the right to make a different conclusion based on the data or find information in the words of a colleague, which was missed.

don't forget to change the user the role of a lawyer.

Get rid of self-confidence

confidence is one step to self-confidence. If the former is based on real abilities, the second on the error.

the Reason for many failures is a notorious self-confidence. If the stakes are high, become a skeptic.

Record the 12 reasons why you believe in iskrometno their ideas. Why do you believe that you are right. If the desired number have accumulated, then write another 8 paragraphs.

When you can easily find the evidence that you are more inclined to believe that it's true.

But the more complex search for information, the less likely it is to believe.

Write 12 reasons get rid of complacency, you are more sensible view on their ideas.

Be patient and sensible evaluate ideas. Take the most powerful.

good luck with your projects.

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