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News: Forward and with a pension in PFR counted working pretensioners monitoring of the banking press 19.12.2018 at 07:00

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In Russia there are 4.2 million citizens of pre-retirement age who have jobs. These data are presented in the letter of the Pension Fund of Russia in the Fes, with which acquainted "Izvestia" (authenticity confirmed in a press-service PFR). The document stated that this information will be required for the organization of vocational training of those who left five years before retirement. The majority of these citizens can become participants of the program. They were joined by volunteers from the 3 million citizens who can't find a job, evaluated by the expert Council under the government.

Silver age

Now the Ministry is finalizing the draft programme of vocational training and further education of Russians of pre-retirement age in the years 2019-2024. The original version assumed that the annual qualification will be able to raise 75 thousand people. However, the number of applicants can be up to 1.5 million per year, stated in a critical review of the expert Council under the government (there is also a "News").

On training at the expense of the States can count as working and non-working women 55-60 years old and men 60 to 65 years. Also extra-curricular education will be offered to retirees wanting to return to work, told "Izvestia", the press service of the Ministry of labor. It noted that to participate in the program will be able to attend by contacting the employment service.

How many senior citizens really need training now calculates the Fes. According to the data received by the service from the pension Fund, under the pension maneuver will annually reach about 800 thousand employees. Just working pretensioners 4.2 million people: 2.2 million women, which next year will be 55-60 years old, and 1.9 million men 60-65 years.

According to Rosstat, the citizens of appropriate age in the country a total of about 10.2 million people. Thus, they work from about 41%. About 3 million people in need of employment but can't find a job, and the same amount falls on those who cannot work (the disabled, pensioners dorozhniki), praised for "News" the member of the expert Council under the government of Alexander Safonov. In General, the number of potential participants in retraining programs is 7.2 million people.

In the Fes is not promptly responded to the request of "Izvestia".

a lifetime to learn

the Original version of the project of the Ministry of labor suggests that raising the qualifications to fall under the pension maneuver will pay the Federal and regional budgets it will cost about 33 thousand rubles per person (the total cost of the project for a four — year to 31.6 billion rubles). For citizens on average a three-month training will be free. Moreover, it is expected the scholarship in the amount of the regional minimum wage (now in Russia it is 11 thousand rubles).

This option is unlikely to realize in the case of a multiple increase in the number of program participants. Therefore, the expert Council under the government proposed the Ministry of labor to motivate employers, relatives and pretensioners to pay the tuition, making them a tax deduction. In this case, they will be able to return 20% of the amount spent, writing the statement to the tax. However, the Finance Ministry told "Izvestia" that "the cost of re-training and extra-curricular education and so considered by the organizations to their employees."

As noted in the first version of the project about retraining, this is not about developing new skills, and the enrichment of the old set. For example,training with a computer or teaching. Full list of skills will be formed in January, has declared "news" the Ministry informed.

most Likely, it will include enhancing competences in the field of IT, teaching, internal communications and skills in running your own business, says the Director of expert-analytical center of the Russian Academy of national economy Nikolai Kalmykov.

— people Often "silver" age, prefer to change activities on less intense: for example, begin to work from home (and here the necessary computer literacy) or to teach. Extensive experience allows us to teach both students and conduct corporate training programmes, — the expert believes.

it is possible that pretensioner may be interested in starting their own business, which will help lead the experience, he said.

the Desire to be trained, likely to arise at the majority of pretensioners, says the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Valery Ryazan.

Today, even to "stay in place" in terms of development, you need almost to run. The idea that your skill is enough for another five years, you can safely work on the moon, soothing, but overconfidence leads to loss of work, — said Valery Ryazansky "news".

Adopted this year a law to increase the retirement age by five years suggests that women will be able to finish work at age 60 and men at 65. In the next ten years will be a transition period: the age of official retirement each year will increase by six months. Thus, the maneuver to be completed in 2028.