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Reuters: Ruble rises to everywhere falling before the fed the dollar monitoring of the banking press 19.12.2018 at 08:00

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A clear environment is growing three-week lows against the dollar, falling in the Forex market in anticipation of dovish signals from the fed at today's meeting of the regulator.

Formally on the side of the ruble is beneficial for exporters of the high nominal exchange rate of the dollar against a highly depreciating on the eve of the oil, however, the activity in both directions may be constrained by the expectations of formal decisions of the Federal reserve.

By 10.20 Moscow time quotations of the pair dollar/ruble calculations "tomorrow" was at the level of 67.03 and the ruble is gaining 0.4 percent.

Calculations "today" the dollar by about one penny below the rate of CBR on Wednesday of 66.75 of the ruble.

the Euro/ruble settlements "tomorrow" is now near the level 76,33, and the rouble rises in price by 0.1 percent.

on Tuesday, the ruble was marked at three-week lows, 67,34 a dollar for 76,50 euros, against a collapse of quotations of oil Brent below $56 per barrel for the first time since October last year.

Now the North sea a mixture gaining 0.2 percent ($56,40) amid signs of stabilization in the stock markets after losing 6.5 percent the day before, triggered by concerns about oversupply of the commodity and slowing growth in the global economy.

Forex US dollar vs Euro fell a quarter percent, the quotes near $1,1390, the dollar index is estimated at 96,87 that also a quarter of a percent worse than his recent quotes Tuesday.

show em currencies mostly higher against the U.S. dollar before the publication at 22: 00 GMT the fed's decision on rate decision and the subsequent (22.30 GMT) press conference guide.

From the Federal reserve, the majority of market participants, although not absolute, is waiting for the rate hike, while important to the growth Outlook of the US economy and comments on the possible steps the regulator for the next year. Investors hoping to see signs that the American regulator will soften the policy next year, slowing the pace of rate increases that can support emerging markets.

the support of the ruble in the near future will be launched on the eve of the Russian tax period.

According to a survey by Reuters, the current taxes may substantially exceed the November, reaching 2.3 trillion rubles, but it is important for exporters of mineral extraction tax (25 December) analysts have rated overall lower than the previous payout amid cheap oil.

Vladimir ABRAMOV. Editor Anastasia TETEREVLEVA