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Kommersant: Leasing of ships moving out in the future monitoring of the banking press 19.12.2018 at 20:01

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State Program for development of shipbuilding will decrease in 2019 for 900 million rubles., to 8.9 billion rubles of the money will miss the United shipbuilding Corporation (USC), planning to allocate their preferential leasing of vessels. But in 2020-2021 years for this purpose OSK promised another 10 billion rubles In whole in 2021, the state program will be cut by 13.7 billion rubles., it involves new technologies for shelf development.

the Ministry has prepared amendments to the state program for development of shipbuilding until 2030 (posted on in connection with the budget 2019-2021 years. In 2019, the amount of state funds for the program will be reduced by 900 million roubles, to 8.9 billion rubles in 2020 will increase by 5 billion rubles, up 14.8 billion rubles., and in 2021 will decrease from 13.7 billion rubles., to 14.8 billion rubles.

the Main reduction is due to a decrease in subsidies for new technologies. As noted in the explanatory note, when forming the budget of the Ministry of industry has requested an additional 10 billion rubles, which was not approved. Due to the reduction of funds, the establishment of several important technologies for underwater oil and gas production will be impossible, the document says, in particular, the integrated test system equipment subsea, marine, installation and commissioning, service and repair work. The Ministry noted that previously completed a lot of work on import substitution of equipment for offshore, there are prototypes for the most critical areas, but due to the reduction of funding to achieve planned targets and eliminate the backlog is almost impossible.

To 900 million rubles in 2019 reduced preferential leasing of vessels through the USC. But the Corporation will allocate 5 billion rubles per year in 2020 and 2021. Since 2008, the lease gave the budget of 14.8 billion rubles, in total there are 45 vessels (14 — under construction) by almost 24 billion rubles But due to the reduction in budget share payment of the civil courts, acquired through leasing in 2019, in terms of money will be reduced by 1.3 percentage points (PP) to 17% (while maintaining subsidies on interest on loans and leases at the 383-th order of the government). RUB 10 billion in 2020-2021 years will increase by 2 and 3 percentage points to 26% and 27%, respectively. In the years 2008-2019 leasing program USC will pass vessels to RUB 5.5 billion, by 2020 to 13.8 billion roubles, and by 2021 — almost 22 billion rubles.

In 2018 on preferential leasing of OSK were calculated to 29.7 billion rubles on 43 vessels (see "Kommersant-Online" dated October 5, 2017). The amount was cut to 5.9 billion rubles, but gave them the competitors of the STLC (see "Kommersant" on 22 October). Part of the funds should go to the building of 11 bulk carriers on a member of the USC "Red Sormovo". Earlier OSK in its leasing programme to 2030 has requested 33 billion from the budget, but in 2017, these funds showed up and STLC. In the next three years the company expected to receive from the budget of 27.9 billion roubles, and to invest the same amount themselves. Gtlk "Kommersant" said that leasing ships to companies means the budget is not provided. At USC "b" is not explained what projects will be in 2020-2021 years of the grant, noting that the application has on transport, and on cruise ships.

Nadezhda Malysheva from PortNews said that 10 billion rubles of state support on preferential leasing of the USC is clearly not enough. Taking into account the plans for development of inland waterways and the aging of the fleet is an urgent need in upgrading of ships "river-sea", she said, need to develop and passenger, and large-tonnage fleet. The state clearly has the trend of shifting more of the cost of ship-owners, concludes Nadezhda Malysheva.