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The life of a cinephile in the United States: answers to the most important questions The article 13.12.2018 at 07:34

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Old-Timers remember many authors, at different times collaborated with the "Real Movie", but the name of Anatoly Yushchenko stands out among other gold: once he was the coolest reviewer on the site. Now the master and not all of his fans know about it – live ... in a capitalist Wisconsin, near Chicago, USA. About this distant country, a lot of rumors: they say there are no torrents for watching your favorite TV shows have to pay, and movie tickets are twice as expensive than in the us. Anatoly undertook to tell us the truth about its kinomanskie life overseas.

How do you live without torrents?

To the torrents, like everything good pretty quickly. It is no secret that in the post-Soviet space, they still use more or less. Traditional inquiries of friends and relatives, which is why it is often interested in how much I miss the buckwheat and kefir, for my part usually end the discussion just the same torrent trackers. Buckwheat and kefir – no, not missing; in free content – perhaps, Yes. My one and only mishap with copyright infringement in America happened immediately after the move. Colleagues praised the aggressive "Young Dad" on Facebook. I am a legitimate paid ten bucks for online access to the video library HBO sent a package of popcorn in the microwave, sat on the couch, but instead of sleek Jude law in a cassock found in the screen the annoying message stating that the online premiere of "the Young Pope" in the United States will take place only after three months.

like moderately friendly warning from your ISP. The second strike usually coexists with the fact that you lower the speed. The third and fourth with a possible lawsuit, it would be better not to get

Not quite legal, but the most pragmatic solution, perhaps, could serve as a VPN service, able magically to FIB about your location. Popcorn, however, cooled off quite rapidly, and old habits die hard, I downloaded a few episodes. A letter from the ISP with red markings on the envelope had fallen to the mailbox in about a week. "This is the first warning. In such a place at such an hour you broke the rules of the Treaty, according to which You may be denied access to the Internet." "Young Dad" I never saw the ending. Of course, users smarter and faster had long since learned to watch pirated content various detours. VPN streaming via unofficial Addons KODI media player, someone pays for access to servers Real-Debrid to stream video through them. But all this, of course, crutches for a very very marginal for which "no pay for content" – the question is not so much financial as principal.

what do I do if I want here and now to watch a rare film of Luis buñuel?

to Pay and see as strange as it may sound. Buy a collector's Blu-ray on Amazon, put it on the shelf, periodically blow out the dust boxes. You can drive to any city library and take it for a fairly nominal money DVD rental. With the advent of Netflix and other streaming services classic movie rentals in the United States was on the verge of extinction. Specifically in my city only one survived, it seems. Main until a monster from the video store – a popular chain of stores Blockbuster – ruined and forced altruism has donated tens of thousands of CDs with the author's cinema at the library. If we are talking about updates, you can rent them on Redbox-boxes which can literally be found in any supermarket. Generally hunt for rare films, in my opinion, you directly provokes these to watch movies. To keep on hard disk a filmography of some conditional Apichatpong Weerasethakul, probably very easy in theory. But it usually ends up with the folder with the movie you downloaded a week, you look never.

Red booth disks for hire

them to the store? Is this a joke? I have my dvd player was sent to the loft five years ago!

In this case, welcome to the world of streaming. Two subscriptions, which by default has almost everyone, is Netflix and Amazon Prime. On nasonovskii service people at the time, the people shaft have signed up for the free two-day shipping of goods purchased in the online store. Now Prime is one of the main suppliers of exclusive content: movies, series, music, books. Something included in the subscription cost, something you can stream for hire. The rare classic is usually roams from service to service. A few years ago access 900 movies of the amazing Criterion collection has provided video service Hulu, then all that stuff moved to the ill-fated deceased a couple of months ago Filmstruck. A petition that Filmstruck stayed with us, signed about one hundred thousand people, including Christopher Nolan, Sofia Coppola, Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuaron and others.

goodbye Filmstruck gives its subscribers five classic movies

Service to save, alas, failed. But most of the collection, fortunately, have to migrate to independent application of the Criterion, which is currently under development. At the moment, cinephiles have to settle for a much more acidic in the context of a video volume of paid services (Fandor, Mubi, Sundance Now, Shudder). I, frankly, can now buy digital copies on iTunes and physical media on eBay. Online auctions – also a kind of fascinating hunting. On eBay, in fact, the other day, I managed to snatch a British disc with "Dollhouse" Todd Malonza with his autograph on the cover. All the fun at a cost of a measly eight dollars.

Alfred Hitchcock pokes you in the finger, inducing them to support the Criterion Channel, announced in the spring of 2019

the TV set limited to "Netflix"? And "Game of thrones" like to watch?

"Game of thrones" is on HBO on cable. I don't really understand why Americans pay for cable TV, given that the same "Thrones" every year, you can stream through the app HBO NOW. However, to pay for paid packages with thousands of channels accepted here. The choice of packages, with cable TV you begin to decline from the first moment you purchase a mobile tariff. The guys from AT&T called me with their discounts on cable every month exactly until, until I came up with the legend that I have no TV. Now on top of that I get a call from the dealers the "Samsung" take their plasma almost for free. It's unbearable.

With all this generous of variety in the cinemas-it makes sense to go?

of Course! And not only in IMAX for blockbusters. Them in the day of the premiere, you can watch for $ 10-12. I, however, have to settle for Tuesdays in which most of the cinemas in my city is satisfied with the five-dollar sessions. For those who prefer to go to the cinema regularly and the day of the premiere, there are services like Moviepass. Paying an annual subscription, you receive personal credit card which can pay in almost any theater. Worked all this out in a rather strange financial scheme: in fact, your money is not on the map, all expenses paid for Moviepass from your pocket. Last year in the movie you can walk literally every day. For insatiable fans, the company almost went bankrupt. Now the owners of an annual subscription for $ 130 can see not more than 36 films a year.

the credit Card from Moviepass, which is every cinephile keeps in his breast pocket

the General film festivals as a kind of important collective experience here is pretty aggressive pesthouse. Especially kyogikai, which sooner or later come to you in Facebook with invitations to visit any indoor-safe unexpectedly found in the archives of the picture of an unknown Portuguese film Director. Views are often held on College campuses by students of film schools. It's quite a specific audience, which each time dramatically rolls his eyes when you tell them for example that did not see the debut film of Christi Puiu (and not going). Half an hour of tedious talk about how much you miss in life, however, redeemed free watching really good movies. Most of all I remember a recent screening of "Blue velvet," which inspired fans of David Lynch baked a cake with blue cake.

the Same cake