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Bank "URALSIB" increased the yield of short-term deposits, "We are together" and "Income" press releases 10.12.2018 at 13:15

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PJSC "Bank URALSIB" increased interest rates for short terms in several deposits: seasonal contribution in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Bank "We are together", and all of the deposits of "Income" ("Income | Status, Income | Priority", "Income | private") for a short time.

the Maximum interest rate on the jubilee Deposit "We are together" for one year, taking into account the daily interest capitalization, now stands at 7.25 per cent per annum in rubles. Interest on the Deposit at the customer's choice are paid daily on the separate account or added to the Deposit amount (kapitaliserede). The minimum Deposit amount is 100 thousand rubles or $ 2,000 US. Replenishment transactions and renewal of Deposit is not provided.

in addition, on deposits for the three and six months of "Income" ("Income | Status, Income | Priority", "Income | private") was set higher interest rates. In the framework of special pre-Christmas offers they do not depend on Deposit amount and are:

6.5% per annum in rubles at the opening of the contribution for three months, 6.8% per annum in rubles at the opening of the contribution for six months.

Any contribution from the line "Income" can be opened in rubles, US dollars or euros for an individual from 91 to 1 in 100 days. At the option of the depositor, interest may be paid monthly into a separate account or be counted for the Deposit amount (capitalization). Deposits and debit transactions is not provided. The Deposit is extended automatically for an unlimited number of times on the conditions in force at the date of renewal.

for further information and full terms and conditions on special deposits "together" and "Income" can be obtained in the nearest branch of Bank "URALSIB" on the phone 8-800-250-57-57 (calls across Russia free) or on the website of the Bank.