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Journalists found a way to hack the facial recognition in Android

Inside it 18.12.2018 at 09:57

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Representatives of the foreign press are advised not to use facial recognition to lock your phone.

the facial recognition System in Android device is not a guarantee of protection of personal data, as there is at least one simple way to work around it, using a cast of the face of the owner.

reported in a study of journalists Forbes, the news of it with reference to

members of the press for the experiment addressed in a special Studio, where a 3D printer was printed out copy of the head of the owner of the four flagship Android smartphones that are blocked using the system of face recognition.

by printing has been unlocked smartphones from LG and OnePlus G7 6, and to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note8 S9 and had to choose the "right" light.

the Representatives of these manufacturers have already responded to the experiment, saying that the technology's facial recognition cannot be regarded as a data protection tool, and that it is merely a "convenient way to unlock the phone, similar to the swipe the screen".

At the same time the false head had nothing to do with unlock iPhone X technology Face ID and biometric system from Microsoft Windows Hello.

it is Noted that the experiment was worth to journalists about 300 pounds.

Earlier because of problems in Google suffered 52,5 million people in the social network Google+, whose personal data was leaked. The company announced that the app has not received financial information, passport numbers, passwords, and other information that criminals might use for personal gain.