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NVIDIA showed the possibilities of technology, Mesh Shading, GPU introduced in Turing

Inside it 20.12.2018 at 07:57

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NVIDIA has posted a video which demonstrated the technology Mesh Shading that appeared in graphical processors of Turing.

the Demonstration shows that the new technology is much better utilizes the computational resources of the GPU and improves the image quality when rendering large numbers of complex objects in the scene, the news of it with reference to

the architecture of the Turing received a new programmable Shader pipeline geometry based on new shaders and Mesh Task. Instead of processing vertices or geometry in each stream in the middle of the pipeline fixed-function pipeline, while working with a group of objects and creating a mesh using the GPU and using the rules defined by the application itself. This approach significantly improves the programmability of the geometric pipeline, enabling you to implement advanced methods of selection, a higher level of detail or speed up the generation of the topology.

In the shown demonstration Asteroids graphics processing provides very high frame rates despite the complexity of the scene you created. It is noted that the shaders effectively remove primitives that will never be visible, and shade only those that are present on the displayed pixels. That is, the GPU renders only what can be seen.

Every asteroid in the demonstration has ten levels of detail that are used to build triangles. As you can see, at maximum detail, the number of triangles exceeds five million. The use of dynamic levels of detail allows to reduce the load on the GPU by reducing the number of triangles used to render all objects in the scene. Shader Task define the appearance of each asteroid and depending on the level of detail. As a result, according to NVIDIA, the number of triangles is reduced by several orders of magnitude, and there are only those necessary to create high-quality and accurate images.

NVIDIA Also notes that the demonstration is not used, tessellation, and all rendering is carried out only by the new technologies Mesh Shading. Download the NVIDIA demonstration Asteroids here. Note that support Mesh Shading only video card generation Turing.