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Clay molding 22.12.2018 at 08:12

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Modeling clay is not only fun but also tangible benefits for the baby. When a child is engaged in modeling, it not only improves fine motor skills but also develops their creative right brain. As you know, from its development depends on attention, verbal function, and motor and visual memory, and even logical thinking. Develops the creative vision and imagination. The child finds a sense of form and color. Let parents from an early age acquire sets for modeling and introduce the baby to this creative process.


at First the child simply separates the pieces of clay and scatters them. And in order not to damage the floor, you can offer to the young Creator of a plank or saucer to attach their models. At the moment there are safe clay plant-based. And if a young sculptor accidentally stain furniture, carpets or herself in the creative process, the clay can be easily removed from hair and carpet. And it's better to avoid this happening, you need to prepare the sculptor workplace. This will keep the furniture and other details of the interior, from decorating them with clay. It is important to consider the lighting. The light source must be arranged in such a way that the child could see the entire area of creative activity. You need to ensure that the child is not rubbing eyes with dirty hands or tried to try the material taste.

After the completion of the creative activity of your kid, you should also wash hands thoroughly.

Simple model

At the initial stage of sculpting from clay, teach your child the basic models. Such as a flat disc, sphere, cube and cone. You can invent a story about how to make biscuits or pie, so he could feed his favorite toys.

ask him to make a ball of clay. Then you need to tell the child that he pressed on it with your finger, turning the ball into a cookie.

the Next stage

Cone to carry a bit more complicated. First, the child must make a ball, then roll it, make the efforts on one side more than the other. When the child learns all the basic skills you can offer to sculpt something more complex. Try to offer to sculpt from clay figurines of animals or people.

pictures of clay

And, you can do pictures of clay on the cardboard or foil. You can cut a cardboard sign to decorate it with balls of clay of different colors, pieces of foil or whatever you want me to the young artist. In the course can go to a variety of cereals: peas, rice or millet. If in the initial stage you will help your baby, in the future independent performance art masterpieces are guaranteed.


You can also use a mold in order to create the impression of the clay. You can mix up to 3 colors. The selected color needs to be rolled to the roller, bent and laminated again. The operation is performed until, until you get the desired shade. Then roll a small ball. Attach the top of the coin and push. Gently unstick the coin. The clay will be a relief. Baby with such a task handled will not be difficult. Instead of coins, you can use a variety of objects with interesting texture.

There are a lot of ideas for modeling. And clay will help to develop the baby creativity, imagination and creative thinking.