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The ANALYSIS of the IMAGE WITH the TUMMY — 2 16.12.2018 at 15:23

Hate clothes from special stores for pregnant women with all my soul and body, because it is terrible and expensive. Therefore, for myself and for customers trying every way such shops to avoid and to develop a set of regular stamps. The only thing not going anywhere special jeans with the rubber band. About them next time. And still make out the complete with photo.

1) Skirt

the Fashion of this season is very supportive of pregnant women, because the knitwear is in trend. This knitted skirt I spotted in the window of a Milanese shop. It is elastic, can be worn above the stomach, and it gets a little below the knee. For the first time, got size L although my normal — S Elka without any problems and fit coming in so far.

In a skirt — blue leopard lurex. Just in the trend, and colored animal prints and lurex. She slightly shrink after washing, so after the birth I also some time will be able to use it. Spring will combine with the blue shirt.

Blue leopard is not really my thing. I type straight. But since print is not the person that decided to take.

Cost 220 euros.

2) Cashmere sweater

Bought in the same shop in Milan, the brand can not remember. It was a store-a multibrand. Cost sweater as skirt 220 euros.

It is not for pregnant women, my size S, V neck, cut loose, so the stomach gets.

3) Tights

Tulle, in a star rubber band. I have the same in peas. An interesting mix of prints: leopard and stars or leopard and peas. Though not intended for pregnant women, but fit me. Cost 1499 rubles, bought in Moscow, Calzedonia.

If you go on long walks with Spring in the cold, put on my latest discovery — tights with fleece inside. They also bought Calzedonia, cost about 1000 rubles. I have two pairs: black and gray.

4) Velvet ankle boots Bagatt

I Have the same ones in Burgundy, in the last analysis the image flashed. Wear them with a pleated skirt, jeans, skirts-pencils, with A-shaped skirt. Look good with cropped pants or jeans. Took on sale in Milan for 55 euros.

5) Earrings

Favorite earrings this season. Purchased in the spring. Leather with pearls. Bought for 26 thousand rubles, in the Central Department store. Expensive, but they justify themselves, because a lot of what combined. With the last set too, they combine.

Where to wear

Set carry on shopping, a selection of shops. If you go with the child to the circus or cafe, wear lace-up shoes. Looks interesting, not stressful, no obligation. Comfortable because it's knit, and warm because of the cashmere.

to suit

there is a game of patterns: cashmere sweater, knit skirt, velvet ankle boots. Therefore, the image has turned more to natural type.

For other character types will have to do a breakdown: for example, a skirt can take or extravagant type.

Sports need to combine this skirt with a black tee and a leather biker jacket.

Extravagant — with a bold top, for example, a bright blue satin blouse.

classic will not pull this skirt. Romantic too. But both will be able to take the sweater and match with your clothes. Romantic — silk skirt, and classic — with a simple skirt, and beautiful ankle boots, for example.

the Cons of the set

When I took, I thought: “wow, how cool, I'll wear a few seasons!”

But due to the fact that the lifestyle I have active outputs, as sets of pregnancy I took a little this way, I fed.

it is Unlikely that I will want to wear it after pregnancy. Although... view

Author: Catherine malerova

the Image-maker, Creator of training on image and style, the author of the website Glamurnenjko. Since 2007, more than 500 customers went with me shopping as well. More than 5,000 people passed trainings and seminars on image and style.

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