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Blog Yandex 26.12.2018 at 11:15

Blog Yandex

On Yandex.Music opened a beta version of the topic with audio explanation and podcasts. The word "podcast" was invented in the first half of 2000-ies — the so-called audio, created specifically for distribution via the Internet. Now, podcasts are experiencing a new boom, write it down media, academic sites, entertainment projects and just passionate about a particular subject people. The transmission format may be different: the speech of one person, collective discussion, or, for example, an image corresponding to an invited guest.

We have collected on Yandex.Music podcasts from different publishers and authors. There are plenty to choose from — only one "Medusa" released six podcasts on various topics, from books to personal Finance. Something interesting in the Apple fans and web developers, and gamers. There are programs simply "on life" the project "Lifehacker" tells listeners how to spend the holidays and how to organize the journey. Some of the available on the Music podcast appeared recently, and some have existed for many years — for example, "Radio-T" is published since 2006.

I release my podcast. How to put it on Yandex.Music?

Well, we're looking for new authors. The details on this page.

Podcasts, like music, you can listen to anywhere: on the subway, in the car, at the gym, at home. Some of my colleagues argues that under them especially fun to do the cleaning. The idea of a podcast so we liked that we decided to release your own. The podcast "Listen, Alice" is a small story about big data. The first issue is already published on the Music — it discuss the nature of dreams and queries about dreams.

Section with podcasts while working in beta mode. Transmission you can listen to the web version and the mobile website Yandex.Music. In the future they will appear in the app for iOS and Android. We will regularly add new authors and new releases and hope that the collection is filled up with podcasts in English — by the way, is a great way to tighten up the language. We are also planning to teach an Advisory system of Music — the one that is responsible for smart playlists — is to advise the podcasts that will be of interest to you personally.

If you often listen to podcasts and would like to help to make "Namasiku" better take the survey. We will try to accommodate your wishes in the development section.

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