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Who has the right to hire individuals concerned subject to registration or licensing of activities

Question - answer - Legal advice 20.12.2018 at 11:40

Question - answer - Legal advice


the regional court had conducted research on judicial practice in cases related to

features of regulation of work of citizens employed by employers –

individuals and microenterprises. In particular, a question was raised about

, in some cases, may be the employers of the persons who

engaged in professional activities, subject to registration and

(or) licensing in accordance with Federal laws (private

detectives, medical professionals, an individual

entrepreneurs directly involved in medical

activity, individual auditors, arbitration managers,

appraisers, patent attorneys in private practice).

the Court

indicated that these persons can enter into an employment relationship with

employees (for example, to recruit secretaries, drivers,

clerks and other persons), whose work will contribute

the implementation of their duties, but should not replace the exercise of

their professional activities (help with the results of the study

the practice of the permission courts of the disputes connected with application

the provisions of the law regulating the labor of persons working for

employers – individuals and small businesses,

related to microenterprises, as well as homeworkers).