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How to change the system of public procurement in the new year

Question - answer - Legal advice 24.12.2018 at 05:46

Question - answer - Legal advice

Electronic auctions in Russia has changed dramatically in the past year, and

now exists on the principle of "survival of the fittest". On the prospects

creating a unified system for the Eurasian economic Union,

changes that will occur in this sphere in Russia in 2019,

new service for small colourscape General Director

"Sberbank-AST" Nikolai Andreev.

In 2018 was the most significant change in the procurement system and electronic trading. What they were sent?

in the Summer took place the selection of electronic platforms. Our company,

by order of the Government of the Russian Federation, was included into the list

operators of electronic platforms for public procurement.

In the list of selected ECD new players. Important is that,

that courts faced with a choice: to work effectively or to leave

market. An important innovation was that the ETP has committed itself

provide at least 5% of electronic procedures stipulated by 44-FZ,

by Russian SMEs. Under these conditions, the system works on

the principle of survival of the fittest.