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Types of auto glass and how to choose them

Tow trucks 20.12.2018 at 22:22

Evacuation of Cars in Kiev

Currently, the automobile market provides its customers with a wide range of glasses from different manufacturers. As experience shows, to save on glass not worth it. Cheaper products almost always has a low functionality and fragility. Most frequently require replacement of the windshield. Not even a very deep splits or cracks can lead to sudden failure of the glass at the crucial moment. So between a full, undamaged glass and personal safety of the driver and passengers should put a sign of equality.Before buying a car, you need to decide what kind of glass are interested in laminated or toughened. Laminated glass is a kind of "sandwich", in which several panes of glass connected by a plastic film. Due to this structure, the triplex is the most secure. For example, in the case of a shock that the glass will crack, but not crumble into small pieces.