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#dangerprone: 5 types of borrowers who live the hardest themes of the day 26.12.2018 at 21:00

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Almost everyone older than 25-30 years anyway faced with credit: he took it to the Bank (or loan to a microfinance institution), evaluated the prospects for the emergence of credit in their domestic life, became a co-borrower or watched the fascinating life of fellow borrowers.

Sometimes credit is a necessary need, sometimes to excess, often temporary replenishment of own budget for a major purchase.

But everything changes when in the Bank they come borrowers who take out a loan in principle contraindicated. After all, these people don't know how to handle it. Portal has identified five types of such borrowers and at the same time prepared the tips for each of them how to get out of credit bondage.

the Borrower, "flying in the clouds"

He can not remember why I took a loan, but reason was definitely significant (for example, a friend's birthday!). But the occasion passed, and the loan remained. Such a borrower is, of course, remember that something out there needs any other Bank, but he has many more interesting cases than the repayment of debts. You will need the Bank — so to remind you. And not like — so, not so important to him this loan. Because of its "light" look at the life of "flying" the borrower is constantly admits of delay, which greatly overpays the loan and is faced with rejection even in obtaining credit cards, criticizing too tough policy of banks. However, on a failed trip to the Bank, he forgets as easily as of the next payment due on the loan. The biggest surprise in the life of the borrower becomes acquainted with collectors. Meeting with them alternating the question "For what?" and shouting "But I didn't do anything!". That's right, did not. Including not paid on the loan.

What to do . If there has been already some delays, the first step is to stop this harmful practice, and the second is to try to negotiate with the Bank about credit vacation or other methods of deferred payment. But not to continue to indulge in idle "flying in the clouds", and to accumulate sufficient funds for future debt repayment. Ideally you should pay off the loan early and ask the Bank to send the credit Bureau a certificate stating that you have corrected, and your credit history is no longer "dirty".

very responsible borrower

Too attentive to the loan is no better than disorderly. Such borrower makes a monthly basis the exact amount down to the penny, constantly ringing the Bank and wondered whether his payment and do not change the payment amount. Sometimes it is useful. But, first, such a borrower is always "stress" — he can't afford to rest until I paid the entire loan. And, secondly, almost all its income, he referred to the Bank as partial early repayment (and because of that life it not a fairy tale). Sit on bread and water is, of course, is sometimes useful, handling days has not been canceled, but not for several years. Otherwise there is a chance not to crawl until the last payment on the loan.

What to do . Initially you should take out a loan, payment of which will not exceed 30-40% of your monthly income. This will allow not to take on too unaffordable obligations. If, in principle, the monthly payment you are comfortable with, then don't cut your remaining "non-credit" from the budget, everything should be done gradually. And be sure to leave some small part in indulgences: going to a restaurant with your favorite person, movie night with friends, an extraordinary buying any perfume. Our life consists of such pleasant trifles. Completely depriving yourself of them, you risk becoming angry and the unfortunate recluse. Is the loan worth it?

the Borrower is living on the fullest

If smartphone, one of the most recent and expensive, even better — from the limited series. If the car, the only premium. If a holiday in Greece, it is only in the most pretentious hotel. Under such a scheme, live people related to this kind of borrowers. If you do not have the funds (and such incidents occur more often), a person takes a loan from the Bank. The conditions on the loan almost looks, it is more important to quickly get money, and preferably cash (because they can be so impressive to wave in front of the seller, or colleagues!). Social status for such borrower — all. The most important thing — not to lose and not to reduce the standard of living to which accustomed. In the best case a borrower goes to the end of the "month" to zero, in a less positive form, constantly "begging" for friends and acquaintances (by the way, occasionally forgetting to give to get) in the worst case, sooner or later a borrower goes bankrupt. Any outcome, you will agree, leaves much to be desired.

What to do . The rational consumer always abided by one simple rule: live within your means (and ideally a little put off). Of course, a few years living "in full", difficult to rebuild habits, so to reduce the consumption (in all senses) should gradually. Before buying each item think about how it fits in your budget and why it you need. Doubt don't buy it. And of course, never take frankly unnecessary or questionable thing on credit. Still staying with high-priced iPhones and, figuratively speaking, in a bathing suit — a dubious entertainment.

the Ad unit, the Borrower is free of morals

He was sure that all banks entirely "fat cats", who dreams of only one thing: preying on mere mortals. However, this borrower is not very concerned with comparison of conditions in different banks before opening a credit or create a financial cushion. When such a borrower can no longer pay the loan, he just stops doing, appealing simple argument: the Bank has already made enough money on it getting a percentage.

What to do . The main mistake is the belief that the cessation of monthly payments on the loan automatically cancels the loan. But it's not. Choosing such a strategy, in addition to the loan and interest thereon, the borrower will later return and penalties with penalties and this will also ruin your credit history. If there is a situation in which pay has become difficult, is to negotiate with your Bank on a deferred payment. But if the income just decreased, should consider the option of refinancing the loan at a lower interest rate at another Bank.

the Borrower, which against the stars

This is exactly the kind of borrower who is most careful (and a thousand thousand points) compares credit conditions in different banks before you finally take it. He is well versed on the banking legislation. He reads all the small and even microscopic font in the contract and additional agreements, asks a million questions. And... still allow a critical mistake. The fact that a borrower is sure: if he does not agree with the clause in the loan agreement under the asterisk (look what banks sly dog!), it may just not notice it or to delete (even after signing the documents with the Bank), because all those asterisks are optional. In fact, the "antisodomy" the borrower shall establish its own rules of the game with the Bank, only the Bank in this game is not played.

What to do . If you sign some documents with the Bank, read everything given to you on hands leaves without missing even a very small font (and at the same time to ask whether there is not presented to you documents which you should read in electronic form). Your lack of a tick on some item of the contract with the Bank does not make the item without a checkmark are automatically cancelled. After the document check you signed, then, agreed with the proposed conditions and agree to abide by them. If something does not suit you at the stage of signing of documents with Bank, you must announce it immediately and to ask about options for resolution of the conflict.