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We close the year nicely. 5 things to do before 31 December

Orlan 23.12.2018 at 19:05


Scurry, bustle and confusion — faithful companions of new year's days. And I want to spend them with feeling, plainly and emphatically: easy to finish off, take stock and move to a well-deserved rest. Here are five points that will help you to avoid the hassles and make the end of the year is exactly what you need.

Up "tails"

Look at your task list and select those that must be met before the end of the year. Shall describe their steps and schedule time in your planner. Don't plan for the day more than 2-3 important tasks. If there will be too much, you risk falling into confusion and procrastination and in the end do nothing.

Refuse unnecessary

Not all tails have to clean up, some is to just cut off. Again, look at the task list and ask yourself the question: what can you NOT do?

If something requires a lot of effort and brings little result — feel free to erase it or charge someone. Discard what you will never succeed. Cross out things you hate, but what do you think, should do. Don't do something just because other people expect you to. The pressure of society is exhausting and inconsistent. Free yourself from the unimportant things, which are not connected with your goals and values.

You will feel free when you give up extra business, acknowledge that you can not only, and invest the time, energy and passion into something meaningful. So you end the year peacefully and positively.


Write down five accomplishments this year.






ask yourself the following questions:

What I learned about myself in the past year? What scheduled tasks I failed to accomplish? Are they relevant still? If I cared about myself? What could I do differently last year? What I still need to improve? What new experience was valuable to me? What difficulties have I faced and how they overcame? What good habits I started this year? I'm most grateful for your help and support this year? Planned next year

Pre-reserve time for the most important things for the year ahead. This should include not only work but also family and social life. Reserve recurring blocks of time to each add the note "Not to remove!". These cells should occupy events of high importance or your most favorite things, for example:

— leave;

— days of visits / nights / time with family / going to a movie;

— trips, excursions and school activities;

— work on vision and strategy, planning;

— the activities related to health, going to the gym, and your main Hobbies;

— meetings with key staff;

— learning and self-improvement;

the key reports.

In the new calendar in advance to reserve a time for important things.

This technique is perhaps one of the most effective for the proper time distribution.

If you schedule all these tasks for the year ahead and put them repeat every week, month, or year, then all other things will have to distribute the remaining time. If you do not, your life will fill routine and "routine"; you won't have time for any of the above — and then you are waiting for the congestion and frustration.

Reward ourselves for good work

You did a good job this year. Now you need to please yourself. Forget about having to take work home for the holidays. Instead, plan a great vacation, one that will fill you with strength and energy for new cases. Allow yourself to relax and get pleasure from each minute of the weekend, whether it's driving, going to the gym or playing with the kids.