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Will define the deadlines for filing the application for registration of title

Legal aid 23.12.2018 at 09:33

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Currently, the application for registration of ownership of property is a right, not an obligation of the physical persons and legal entities. At the same time of filing an application on registration of ownership rights in Management of Federal registration service is not installed, so the applicant can apply at any time. However, the property can be actually built, commissioned, and the owner may not apply for registration of ownership in the Management of Rosreestr. In this case, the property tax cannot be calculated, as information about the owner of the egrn is not available. To administrative responsibility it is also impossible to attract the right holder, as the law does not set a time limit for the submission of application on registration of ownership in the Management of Rosreestr.

the Legislator intends to address this gap, therefore, the draft Federal law "On amendments to the Federal law "On state registration of real estate" it is planned to amend Federal law 13.07.2015 g. № 218-FZ "On state registration of real estate", by supplementing it with article 19.1, focusing on the duty of natural and legal persons to submit to the authority of the registration statement of state registration of rights to property and the attached documents no later than three months from the date of occurrence of the bases of state cadastral registration and state registration of rights established by article 14 of the specified Federal law. With the exception of application of this regulation proposes to establish a separate cause of transfer of property in respect of which the Federal law No. 218-FZ already has a special time of registration.

In the case of this bill, rights holders will have responsibility for registration of ownership within three months from the date when the right to the property. In the event of default of this obligation will be possible to involve in administrative responsibility of the owners.

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