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A ban on the repayment of the loan organization at the expense of means of the parent capital

Legal aid 25.12.2018 at 11:53

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Currently, the maternity (family) capital can be directed on repayment of the loan on acquisition of premises or the repayment of the loan for construction of residential houses. The loan can be granted as a credit consumer cooperative, or other organization. However, the Federal legislator intends to toughen control over use of means of the parent (seed) capital in the use of funds for the repayment of the loan for the purchase of the dwelling.

in addition, the holder of the certificate for maternity (family) capital can actually buy a dwelling house unfit for permanent residence, and thereby to improve their living conditions. If the living room is old and (or) are unsuitable for permanent residence, the FIU, the Commission denies the transfer of maternity (family) capital on acquisition of premises. The act on the suitability (unsuitability) for accommodation in a residential building shall be made by the local authority. The draft Federal law "On amendments to the Federal law "On additional measures of state support of the families having children" it is proposed to set the position of the direction of the FIU request using a uniform system of interdepartmental electronic interaction, local governments, public housing oversight (municipal housing control) on the absence or presence of in respect of premises information on the recognition of it uninhabitable or subject to demolition or reconstruction.

In order to gain control over the condition of residential premises acquired with the use of maternity (family) capital, the Draft proposes to establish as one of the grounds for refusal of application about the order means of the parent (family) capital on improvement of living conditions, the availability of information on the recognition of uninhabitable dwelling (the object of individual housing construction), the acquisition of which in accordance with the specified statement is planned with use of means (part of means) parent (family) capital.

in addition, in order to further restrict entry into the market of organizations whose activities are not supervised by the Bank of Russia and other governmental authorities and may be directed to the Commission of unlawful acts in relation to the means of the parent (family) capital, the Project is proposed to exclude "other" organizations among organizations that provide loans, the repayment of which the direction of means of the parent (family) capital.