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Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Experts have called the most demanded profession 2019 monitoring of the banking press 28.12.2018 at 07:50

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Analysts portal "" has studied the potential demand for specialists in the field of IT-technologies and built the list of jobs that will be needed in 2019.

So, due to the high pace development of mobile applications in the next year will continue to increase demand for app developers for iOS and Android. But while the competition in this segment is quite low — less than 2 persons into place. The average salary in Moscow 130-140 thousand rubles, and the salary maximum of 300 thousand per month.

Will increase the demand for UI/UX designers. They have been creating interfaces for different platforms or sites, where usability is as important as appearance. Competition among these specialists is 2.5 the applicant for the position. The average salary in Moscow 110-120 thousand rubles, salary maximum is 250.

the Increased market demands for quality software products lead to increased demand for experts in testing/QA: are in demand as young professionals which companies are willing to train and experienced testers complex applications and multi-lingual programming and automation testing. For each vacancy have an average of 2.5 summary. The average salary in Moscow 80-90 thousand rubles per month salary maximum of 250 thousand rubles.

will Continue to grow as demand for data analysts. Their services are mostly required by IT companies, financial institutions, companies for sales and services. Here one position accounts for a 4.5 summary.

the Most high-income analysts big data: the average earnings in Moscow 140-150 thousand rubles per month salary maximum of 250 thousand rubles.