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Business / Finance happy new VAT! Whether it be a business to raise prices? monitoring of the banking press 29.12.2018 at 07:30

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In that wonderful moment, when the Russians under champagne and Olivier will listen to chimes, the country will officially increase the value-added tax from 18% to 20%. And someone will notice it immediately.

One of the listeners Business FM sent a letter to the editor from a restaurant, where he will celebrate the New year. The Manager kindly informed that from 23:30 for one hour for new drink orders will not be accepted, so it's best to take care of them in advance. And from 00:00 the price will increase. The radio station phoned this restaurant, and it's all confirmed:

"All is well, and the prices will change. Of course, they will not change critical way, but they will change after 00:00, literally around 2%. To be honest, laid in some places even a small price increase which we have of our suppliers. But in General there is no such critically changed positions so she was worth a thousand, and then began to cost 15 thousand. We will do a check at 23:00, after 00:30 will be the new check."

From January 1, all online ticket sellers should specify on the check that the VAT on goods and services now accounts for 18% and 20%. The tax administration is not relevant — FTS and no checks will be collected as necessary, she has other methods. But if the check is false information, it is a violation of the Administrative code. A fine small — to 10 thousand roubles, but still. However, the tax authorities have reassured the business, if within a reasonable time, the equipment will be put in order, will not be punished.

the Director of retail chain stores "Mosigra" Karina Baeva told Business FM that now is the moment to re-flash the banks, so not all the time. As for prices, the Manager says that to be:

Karina Baeva

Director of retail chain stores "Mosigra"

"We do not change the prices. With the VAT rate change we have left all our prices, we do not increase. For the buyer, as the product cost, for example, a thousand rubles, he will cost a thousand rubles. The change is: previously, we were paying 18% tax, now we pay 20% VAT. This is the tax. For the end user there will be no difference".

the fact is that prices, even raising taxes, it wants to grow — market is all about. Someone depending on the demand and competitors, will keep them on the same level. Someone due to the fact that they were raised by the vendors will do the same. But it is important to understand that it's not just the VAT increase, there are other factors, says the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Miller brewery Leonid Popovich:

Leonid Popovich

the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Miller brewery

"Factors of rising prices are many: the rise in price of petrol, the increase in tariffs, changes in some laws. Therefore, the entire amount of the change, one way or another, next year will lead to a small price increase by 5-7%, I think, no more".

And finally, new year's eve forecast from the Central Bank. The regulator in the last days of 2018 reported that in early 2019, the inflation due to the increase in VAT will hit 5.5%. However, then gradually growth will slow down, calmed by the Central Bank, and by 2020 will reach 4%. Although this time we still live.