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RBC: "it Will be good for the soul": what businessmen and top managers expect from 2019 monitoring of the banking press 29.12.2018 at 07:50

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New year's eve, RBC asked businessmen, top managers, government officials and visionaries what they expect in 2019. Stable oil prices, the joy of the soul, large-scale layoffs and other at RBC.

Mikhail Gutseriev, co-owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors of "RussNeft"

"Waiting all the best. Expect the price [of oil] will be stable, the country will develop, and we're all going to be [good] at heart".

Vagit Alekperov, President and co-owner of LUKOIL

"Waiting for the market stability and predictability. As for the current drop in oil prices below $50 per barrel [at the end of December 2018], but now in the closing of short trades, the end of the year is not an indicator. We therefore hope that the price stabiliziruemost in the first quarter of 2019 and will be more than $60 per barrel."

Viktor Vekselberg, owner of Renova group

"is a lot of turbulence, the global market in anticipation of, the world economy is cautiously looking into the next year. There are a large number of unresolved issues: trade wars and tariff issues, challenges and sanctions. So I think it is very important that the business had a certain concentration and a willingness to overcome the challenges we will certainly face. Next year will, I think, is not easier than the current one. I would like to wish all of us, I'd be wrong in their forecasts".

Vladimir Evtushenkov, the largest shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of AFK "Sistema"

"On the 2019 film on the recorder is enough to tell you what I expect from him. But life is always wiser than any schemes. Scary at the beginning. Say hard the first ten years to be a company commander, then you get used. Become accustomed to 2019".

Andrey Guriev, co-owner and General Director of "FosAgro"

"Next year will be held under the auspices of the chemical industry: UN, supporting the initiative of Russia, proclaimed 2019 as the international year of the periodic table of chemical elements created by the great Russian scientist Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev. For "FosAgro" as one of the leading manufacturers of mineral fertilizers, chemical element number 15 is phosphorus, the highest expectations associated with the formation of our industry new scientific ideas, practical recommendations and solutions for high-tech companies operating in the agricultural sector.

We are waiting for the amplification of concerns about the health of people and the environment in Europe and the world, the gradual reduction of trade barriers for producers from Russia, as well as deeper penetration of digital industry 4.0. We are talking about the full penetration of Internet and it-technologies in all spheres of human life and industry. This process provides end-to-end digitization of all physical assets and their integration into the digital ecosystem with partners involved in the value chain".

Dmitry Grishin, founder of Grishin Robotics, co-founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors Mail.Ru Group

"In the past year I have had many business meetings in different parts of the world. Doing investment in the field of robotics, it, high technologies, I understand how this market has become global and how the global business market, often lacking the same simultaneous understanding and collaboration in the field of geopolitics. I would love to next year, the vector of international relations as many of the economies were pointing in the same direction — creation and mutually beneficial cooperation".

Jeffrey Liker, Professor of industrial engineering at the University of Michigan

"the Pace of global economic growth will slow and we will see more layoffs. However, from the recession most of the world, in my opinion, still hold. There will be a lot of talk about digital factories — people will still feel that fully automated production is a matter of the nearest future, while in fact their formation will be very slow, evolutionary. The company will continue to focus on development of lean manufacturing, although this term will not cause any hype about lean manufacturing will speak as something obsolete, yesterday."

Vasil Latsanich, the General Director of "VimpelCom"

"By 2019 I expect it will be a year of new technology solutions that significantly improve the lives of people, and "beautiful far" will become a reality. But I wish that the digital world has not become a substitute for the real world and use all the technological marvels became more aware".

Olga Naumova, the General Director of "Magnet"

"Next year — special for "Magnit" retail network will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Believe that 2019 will be the year of positive change. We will be even more attractive and interesting to buyers. Magnet waiting for key changes: rebranding, a new system of category management, the launch of cross-aspect of the loyalty program. We fully reconstruct the control system and give more powers to the regions. As for expectations for the industry is stable legislation, new opportunities for development, combining the interests of market participants for joint success."

Alexey Root, President of MTS

"In 2019 we will focus on the development of convergent digital areas that are a priority for MTS from the point of view of the company's strategy. It professionals and product teams, MTS will focus on innovative areas: big data Analytics, artificial intelligence, development of the 5G standard and existing Federal MTS network for the Internet of things. Based on these technologies, we intend to expand our presence on the markets in financial technology, digital entertainment, cloud-based b2b solutions and e-commerce".

Joseph pine, co-founder of the consultancy Strategic Horizons

"In the experience economy there will be new formats. In the last ten years we have seen the rapid emergence of a huge number of new impressions that are used in business — from escape rooms (quests in which players must escape by solving puzzles. — RBC) to the cafe with Board games and stores, where you can choose the goods inside virtual reality. This list will continue to grow in 2019 and supplemented with many formats not yet invented. Now most of the impressions — mass: going to a sports match, concert, amusement Park, concert, theatre — does not imply the participation of each individual in the production and design activities. In 2019 this approach will begin to change since the event industry, event organizers in other areas will begin to realize benefits from the involvement of every visitor to customize their services. Companies will learn from Carnival Corp. (one of the world's largest cruise travel agencies. — RBC), which gives passengers the cruises Ocean Medallion — connected Internet of things device that remembers which drinks, food, games, activities loves each passenger.

Two years ago, in January 2017, the magazine Vogue has announced that the trend in the tourism industry will be a transformational journey that is the journey that will allow people to reinvent their lives. Since then, the trend in the transformation of managed to get beyond the tourism — medical centers, fitness network offer their clients not the individual services and programs designed to help them change the way they live, work, relax. In 2019 we will see further development of this trend."

Igor Shekhterman, CEO of X5 Retail Group

"I very much hope that next year the new technology and big data, which we are actively developing, will help us to predict the needs of our customers and we exceed their expectations. Every employee of our stores will be proud of their work and everyone is leaving us in a good mood. The regulation of consumer sector will be consistent, based on objective data, their professional expertise and balance of interests of all market participants".

Dmitry Konov, Chairman of the Board of "SIBUR Holding"

"2019-the year declared by UN as the Year of the periodic table to commemorate the 150th anniversary of its opening, probably can not be successfully involved in chemistry. By the way, the expiring year was successful for the Russian petrochemical industry is pretty good. We continue to see the global trend of replacement of traditional materials such as wood and iron, modern polymer products, and the emergence of new spheres where initially used only synthetic materials.

This factor determining long-term positive dynamics of our business, will be relevant in 2019 that we will finish the construction of Russia's largest petrochemical complex Zapsibneftekhim.

the New year will be another year of digital transformation, gaining in the economy and society. In relation to our industry, it becomes the digital chemistry that penetrates deeper and deeper in the approach to management of hardware and management principles, which become less intuitive, more conscious and more focused on a specific result.

Among the personal expectations — as always, I hope for a victory of basketball CSKA in the Euroleague".

Dmitry Kostygin, co-owner of the networking "Hardware", the "Rive Gauche", "Smile rainbow", "wild Orchid", "Beloved land"

"In the best traditions of Christmas tales I want to believe that in 2019 the forces of light will release in Russia, the accounting of the Ministry of economy and in General of all branches of government. And after that hit RAS [Russian accounting standards] about the business environment and appeal to IFRS [international financial reporting standard], or at least GAAP [Generally Accepted Accounting Principles — generally accepted accounting principles]. And there will be more of a dense system of mirrors which do not understand where makarora, and where microspy. I hope that optiglobe "Series" will build two or even three beautiful boxes in St. Petersburg and two in Moscow. And they will bring everyone lots of joy.

Expect that next year will be able to put the fourth son on skates, and then we will develop a full five field hockey players."

Vyacheslav Murugov, the General Director of holding "STS Media"

"the Television industry worldwide is experiencing new challenges. This global and unstoppable transformation is associated with the first and main expectation from 2019: as the holding "CTC Media", all of our assets, will be able to cope with these challenges. The expectation, of course, is that you will get through it successfully! The second is the personal: in 2019, the anniversary, a round number, time to sum up some results, to do an audit of your own strategy. Some height already resigned, others still only want to conquer, about a third understand that they need to be deleted from the list. Over time, new look at the balance of work and family, seek and find new harmony. And the third expectation is the expectation of some surprise, which for sure will give life. We work with people, people is emotions, and emotions are always unpredictable, so we need to be ready for any surprises."

Maxim Shubarev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of holding Setl Group

"For us, the year 2019 will be marked by the anniversary of the company, this will be the year of summarizing, reflection, goal setting. Secondly, it will be a year of new, very important for us projects. We derive the housing market of St. Petersburg a few complexes in a rather bright and unusual places — inside the prestigious populated areas of the city. I think the projects will have great potential for consumer interest. And thirdly, for me, rather than wait and hope that 2019 will be the year of stability, conflict resolution and sustained economic growth of our country. I think all really want and expect."

Ilya Sachkov, founder of Group-IB

"to Go for a horse ride through the battle of the civil war on the don. Learn to play the guitar. To meditate every day."

Olga paskina, CEO of National media group

"In the media will continue to be consolidation of players mainly through partnerships and joint ventures in adjacent segments: technology companies will move in the direction of media, and media to technology and direct contact with the user. Traditional linear TV broadcasters are transformed into content producers with the construction of a more diversified system of distribution and monetization.

Content, technology and people — the three main pillars of the development of the media industry. NMG will continue to develop strategically in all these areas in 2019.

the Speed of change and business transformations driving the need for new leadership qualities such as creative consistency, decision-making under conditions of uncertainty, ability to communicate and convey meanings totally different audiences, and most importantly, this skill can quickly restore your energy balance and finding harmony between personal and work priorities. For myself in 2019 I have outlined in terms of growth and development in each of these areas."

Tatevik Karapetyan, co-founder and first Vice-President GK "Tashir"

"If you set achievement goals by 200% and to perform at least half, you can achieve a perfect result. However, half measures is not our method, and usually we do not. Be afraid of the desires? It's not about us! Will, as before, much to build, to build houses, hospitals, kindergartens, to create the infrastructure of cities, we dream and act. Believe it or not, December 31, we traditionally hold at the table at the meeting of shareholders. To sum up the results? No, build a plan to take over the world starting in January. What is new in "Tashir"? Yes, anything, otherwise, not interested".

Boris Titov, authorized under the President of Russia for entrepreneurs ' rights protection, the owner of group of companies "Abrau-Durso"

"we Expect that mark "Abrau-Durso" will further strengthen the position. From the very beginning we took care of the development strategy, and it seems that the strategy was successful. Expect such qualities as initiative, resourcefulness, bet on your own hand, completely lost in the mass consciousness of negative connotation. And the word "entrepreneur" will start to sound proud, especially in such difficult times.

And expect that circumstances will bring us all to ensure that we have less waiting, less afraid of themselves and frightened of others, and more acted — methodically, wisely and with faith in their own strength."

Ilya Shestakov, head of Rosrybolovstvo

"In 2019 are waiting for the launching of new fishing vessels built as part of investment quotas for domestic shipyards. I hope they start to work in the field. Another waiting — testing mechanisms of the new law "On fisheries", which shall enter into force from 2019. And myself — on the background of active development cooperation with Latin America — you want to start learning Spanish".

Sergey Mikhailov, CEO of Cherkizovo

"Waiting for the revenue growth of the company by 30%, a record grain crop, a relatively stable exchange rate and lowering interest rates to 6.5%. I hope that the well-being and financial stability of the Russians in the coming year will increase. Also want in the new year to find time for Boxing".

Maxim Basov, the General Director of group "Rusagro""Waiting in 2019 record financial results. The company will start to become global: to increase the share of export and may start business on the territory of other countries. Will continue in 2019 and the digitalization of agriculture."

Sergey Dankvert, head of Rosselkhoznadzor

"the Main expectation in 2019, related to the effective operation of the electronic veterinary certification — FGIS "mercury". I hope that in the coming year to electronic certification connects manufacturers and suppliers of dairy products. I hope that the system will become a tool in the fight against unscrupulous manufacturers and forgery: in fact, according to estimates of the Rosselkhoznadzor, every fifth product in the dairy market counterfeit.

I'm waiting for the establishment of a system of traceability of products at the level of the EAEU. This measure will help solve the problem of risk and the emergence of new fraud schemes when moving the food will help to minimise the level of smuggling and to protect consumers, he says.

Finally hope to unite in 2019 the efforts of all agencies to combat the problem of resistance of pathogens to antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance has become a serious public health threat worldwide. The reasons for its development are many: it is over-the-counter sales, outdated schemes of self-medication, especially among the population of Russia, an incorrect diagnosis of the disease and the appointment of antibiotics as prophylaxis, the lack of resources to regulate their use, and their application in agricultural production, often when antibiotics are used irrationally for the treatment and prevention of diseases of animals. To solve this problem, we need effective work of all departments, which are responsible for the use of antibiotics both in medical and veterinary purposes. You need to create a system that will provide supervision of the circulation of antimicrobial drugs and prevent their uncontrolled use and sale without a prescription, to develop rules of rational prescription and use of pharmaceuticals in healthcare and veterinary medicine and to introduce the accounting of the production, transfer, and implementation of antimicrobials in electronic form".