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Invite to cooperation! There is a good opportunity to earn on investments in the messenger in the final stages of development with 7 million users, are invited to share in the project at a price of 40-60 euros per share, with the prospect of growth in prices of up to $ 3,000 per share, at the moment the stock is undervalued, the project invested $ 35 million, a third independent audit estimated the project at 157 million dollars, the planned sale price of $ 12 billion, the project is developed by famous developers who created Viber, advertised a premium partner of Google, promoted by experienced advisors in the United States and Asia, developed in conjunction with the marketplace which soon will go public, and shareholders in messenger Gem4me a priori have privileges at all financing of the project Gem4me, including in the marketplace. Less than 3% of the total number of shares, use this opportunity. You can become a co-owner of the company (the shareholding evidenced by entry of the shareholder in the Register of shareholders) investing in the creation and promotion of mobile applications Gem4me.

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