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Doctoral sausage chicken

Cooking recipes for the whole family 24.12.2018 at 12:09

Feed quick, cheap and tasty

Approaching the New year. As we ready for that? All will be meals fast food, knowing that now there is a Christmas post and treats needs to be lean. But for those who may have less food in old age, illness, anticipation of future infants and their feeding, you can put on the table is simple and at the same time easy, diet food, as cold cuts! Chicken meat diet in itself, but also very nutritious. Try to cook according to our recipe for this sweet and so reminiscent of the same, national standards, doctor's sausage, which missed you so much!

so, a set of products: 1. The average hen

2. For 1 piece, – carrot, onion

3. Peas pepper (about 10-12 PCs), pepper (2-3 PCs) ground black pepper (0.5 tsp.)

4. Garlic 3-4 cloves and 10 g of gelatin

5. Raw beet juice – 1 tbsp

6. Paprika – 0.5 tsp. and salt to taste Method of preparation:

Boil the chicken and remove scum. Add salt, stir in the pepper, carrots and onions, peel carefully and dip into the pan to the chicken whole and cook until fully cooked chicken.

Further, remove the chicken skin, leave the meat without it and separate the bones. Cool the broth, pour the gelatin Cup (250 ml) of broth, let the swell of the instructions on the gelatin packet. After swelling the solution of heat, but to boil not to bring!

And now the crucial moment – in a blender put the meat, a solution of gelatin, garlic, raw beet juice (it will give pink color to the sausage!), condiments and dosolit, if nedostatochno taste will. Well beat the mass until smooth.

the Finished sausage mass is put in a plastic bottle, cut in advance of the upper narrow part. And at night, identify the bottle in the fridge for the full maturation and cooling. One can just sit in plastic wrap to put a bar will form, resembling the national standards “bread” sausage, which was convenient to put a piece of bread brick.

Bon appetit!

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