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How to bake a cake tall and curvy

Million Menu Cooking website 29.12.2018 at 10:05

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A Symbol of rebirth, resurrection, return to life is eternal and beautiful Easter cake.

the Old Russian cuisine has more than 20 recipes baking cakes. They come in various degrees of sodobnost, but he must be tall and curvy.

one of them, you can find my recipe of the cake. Let's follow some not difficult tips on how to bake a cake, and then it will become easy baked and delicious.

1. The dough for cakes do not like drafts, but likes the heat. It should be kneaded at a temperature not below 25 degrees.

2. Sift the flour needed, at least 2 times. it should be no signs of moisture.

3. All products should be warm.

4. The dough for cakes should be very well mixed. Knead it until then, until bubbles appear and it starts to lag behind the hands, utensils and table.

5. The dough should not be liquid, otherwise the cake will lose its shape and become flat, but should not be thick, the cakes will be too heavy and tasteless, and will quickly harden.

6. The dough rises 3 times. First — Opara, second, when involved, the third — in form. Yeast dough increases in volume two to three times, therefore pick up the proper utensils.

7. Raisins, nuts and spices added to the dough. want the raisins had the original flavor? soak it in brandy, rum or liqueur.

8. Want to get the white dough? Do not add spices. From cardamom, nutmeg and ginger to the dough darkens, from a saffron -yellow. However, with the spices more fragrant cakes! You can mix several spices to achieve the unique flavour. Cinnamon is not recommended to add: the dough will be very dark and its smell will clog the rest.

9. If in the dough for cakes include cheese, it takes only the fresh, thick sour cream or heavy cream high fat content.

the Cheese for the test, be sure to wipe through a sieve or pass twice through a meat grinder. You can cook several smaller cakes using different recipes, with different tastes.

10. The dough will have a pink color when cooked it from baked milk.

11. Almond kernel for the test better clean if left for 15-20 minutes in boiling water.

12. The form for the cake, greased with butter, fill with the dough to 1/2 — 1/3 of the volume, let the dough rise, and then bake the cake. It is believed that the cake rose when the solid surface is covered with bubbles, and the touch of the dough "comes shake".

13. So the cake rose exactly in the middle of a stick a torch, and put into the oven. At the end of the baking torch is removed. If it stuck to the dough, so the cake still raw.

14. After the dough for cakes will rise in the form, it is impossible to prevent sudden movements, otherwise it will settle.

15. Cakes of dough it's better to bake in small forms.

16. Bake cakes better in a humidified oven; at the bottom of the oven put a container of hot water.

17. Many forms at once in the oven do not put they must not touch. For example, one big cake and on the corners of four small.

18. Cakes baked at 180 degrees until cooked. The cooking time of the cake depends on its size.

19. If the cake burns from the top, middle and moist, it should be covered with wet paper or a circle of tracing paper.

20. The finished cake is removed from oven, gently shake out from the mold and put on a wooden Board, covered with a towel to cool.

21. Finished cakes can be decorated with frosting, sprinkle with nuts or just powdered sugar. In the circle they can put colored Easter eggs.

22. To the cake turned out flavorful, fluffy and delicious, you need to read the prayer before kneading to set the peaceful mood and thoroughly cleaned the kitchen.

so, our Easter cake is ready. Now he must sanctify the Church with Holy water.

According to tradition, the hostess, the baking of several cakes for the day of the radiant resurrection of Christ, one of the cakes left untouched. He, in the next year, brings in family harmony and peace.

Happy Easter, friends!

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