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How to make gelatin

Club Million 30.12.2018 at 10:27

Culinary recipes

What is gelatin and why is it needed? Gelatin is a protein substance of animal origin.

Receive it of the bones, joints, skin, tendons of animals containing protein — collagen, prolonged boiling in water.

it is Used in the manufacture of aspic, jelly, candy, cakes, yoghurts. Has he no taste, no smell.

Preparation of gelatin at home can be done in the following way.

to Buy on the market that is usually called the "horn and hoof" legs and head. Soak for a few hours, around 8, which would have left blood.

Then, carefully skoblin the skin, wash and cook for several hours in water. So is homemade jelly. Fresh meat turns out very tasty.

But what if we have to cook a cake with gelatin, jelly or cream? For this, he has already sold ready. It remains for us only to use. So how to make gelatin right?

There is a quick-dissolving gelatin, which does not even need to soak, but I can tell you that that is necessary.

First, poured cold water or any other liquid. It depends on what you are cooking. Allow to stand for 40 minutes.

Gelatin from a dry, crumbly powder becomes a smooth, thick mass. Can be in the form of a piece. Next, we put it on a big fire and heat, stirring constantly.

to Interfere must continuously, not allowing him to settle on the bottom of the pan. Heat until then, until we see what happens broth without pieces and grains. Immediately turn off the fire. In any case not give a boil gelatin.

If this happens, its adhesive ability will disappear and you will not get the result they expected. If this happened, it is better to prepare the gelatin over than to be disappointed in the results of your culinary creativity.

Remove from the heat and pour the product that we need to thickened. It is possible that first, the gelatin will have cooled. But this is a look at your recipe.

How to take gelatin?

If you take a little, stick together badly and, for example, the jelly will not turn out pieces, but will remain in the broth. If you take a lot, too, is not very good, because the dish will turn out tougher than it should be.

Generally, recipes specify how much gelatin should I take to prepare the right amount of product. It is also worth to consider whether there is a natural gelatin that you cook, for example, fish.

It may already contain it. But if you want anyway to use gelatin in the manufacture of the filler, take less than it ought to do in the case of other product. Also, of course, consider your own taste.

someone Who likes tight, some like thinner. If you really don't know what proportions to start, take a look at my jellied chicken and cheese cake, and then decide for yourself.

the Ability to find normal gelatin will allow you to regularly pamper their Pets with delicious cakes, jelly, water.

How to use gelatin you can look at making butter souffle in this video.

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