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Cake bird's milk

Club Million 30.12.2018 at 11:02

Culinary recipes

Has long cake bird's milk was my plan, but the recipes tucked all some not the same.

While the display-the exact proportion and combination of all the desired products had neither the time nor the desire. It is a long process could be. And then turned up the recipe for the cake, which just coincided with my idea of its composition.

It does not contain semolina and orange zest as the previous one, and I decided to cook it.

at First, I wanted to write the usual recipe of "bird's milk", but after cooking, I realized that less than the article here does not work. Painfully, a lot of nuances contains the recipe for this tasty and a lot of favorite treats.

I must say that it turned out great! I didn't even know that at home you can still get the "bird" is no worse than from the store.

it Turned out even better. Shopping is often more like a marmalade, and this came out tender and airy, the real "bird's milk".

so, what we need:

For the dough:

100g butter 1/2 Cup sugar 6 egg yolks 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 Cup flour

For the souffles:

6 egg whites 2 cups sugar 1/3 h spoon of citric acid sachet of vanillin spoon 1tbsp gelatin 1/2 Cup water

For glaze:

2 tbsp cocoa powder 1 Cup sugar 3 tbsp water 50g butter

making a cake to begin with, in advance remove from the refrigerator 100 g butter for the dough and fresh eggs.

the Eggs must be fresh not only to spread the yolk, but because the protein will not be subjected to any heat treatment. Eggs should be washed carefully with soap and water!

so, eggs are on the table and already warm. Pour gelatin with cold water and leave for 40-60 minutes to swell. How to cook gelatin, you already know, so this process I will not describe here.

Let he stood on the sidelines and waits for its time. And we are going to separate the egg whites from the yolks. In the form of heat protein has such a thick consistency as in a cold and easier separated.

Ways to separate them from each other, there are many, and each chooses a convenient. Most importantly, when breaking eggs, do not damage the yolk, and separate each egg over an empty plate, so as not to spoil one spread yolk all the previous proteins.

After the protein is separated, remove it in the refrigerator to cool. In cold, it would be better to vzbivayte.

cake cake bird's milk

, at this time, turn the oven to 180 degrees and prepare the batter for the cake. Remember about butter, which we got in advance. It has become room temperature and very soft. Add to it the sugar rubs.

Remember what it's like? Right, so we prepare the dough. Add the egg yolks, knead. Add baking powder in the sifted flour, stir and pour into the butter-sugar mixture. The dough is obtained as thick cream.

I baked it in the form of detachable on the tracing paper. The cake turns out very tender, it is necessary to try not to break it. To make it I have 15 minutes.

Souffle bird's milk

While the future for cake "bird's milk" was sitting in the oven, I prepared the gelatin and left it to cool down. Don't forget that gelatin can not be boiled.

Further, got cold eggs, filled them with citric acid and was beat with a mixer. For six proteins take pot 2 liters. I had a half liter Cup, and squirrels almost spilling out of it.

do Not take too wide the pot or Cup in which the protein will crawl along the bottom. So it will be harder to beat with a mixer because the beaters need something to capture for himself, and not to shorcut the empty bottom. Add in proteins citric acid

When proteins should be well beaten, and it will take you several minutes, begin gradually add sugar. With one hand hold the mixer, and the other, gradually we pour it. Together with the sugar sent to the protein and vanilla.

, Beat the whites with sugar to such a state that turned sideways, he doesn't move, and on top of it will be possible to give any shape to move in any direction. It's called "beat until solid peaks".

Leave him, check the cake in the oven. When ready, take out and let cool. Cake for cake is not thick. I put it on the bottom of the cake, and the top I had no cake.

If you want, so you have 2 layers on the cake — the top and bottom, try cutting it into 2 layer cake or 2 pieces the same.

While the cake cools down, check the gelatin. If it has cooled to room temperature, take the mixer, and gradually pouring it, beat the protein. Whipped, set aside and prepare the pan in which the cake "bird's milk" will congeal.

I used to do the same split mold in which the cake was baked. Its lined with polyethylene, which would then cake can easily be removed, put back the cooled cake and gently laid on top of the whipped protein. Spread across the surface of the cake evenly and put them in the fridge. Bird's milk will harden in about an hour.

Chocolate coating

now we will prepare the chocolate glaze for the cake. To do this, proseem cocoa through a fine sieve into a saucepan, that would not be lumps in it, add some sugar, mix up. Then, pour 3 tablespoons of water and the rest of the sugar. Stir up again and add the butter.

Put on the heat with our chocolate glaze and, stirring constantly, bring it to a boil. Boil the glaze is not necessary.

let it cool to a warm state. Pour the bird's milk, evenly covering it with icing on top and sides. Decorate the cake on its own will. I have at this moment, in addition to walnuts, nothing not found at home, so I use them and sprinkled the cake "bird's milk".

instead of a glaze, use chocolate. To melt it in a water bath, add a little water or a knob of butter, what would the glaze become thinner and to cover the surface of the cake.

How to melt chocolate, you can read useful tips. From this souffle can be cooked candy bird's milk, covered with chocolate. Cook, be sure to write how it happened.

That's all! Cake "bird's milk" is ready. Time to prepare, like any other, takes 5 minutes, but it's worth it! Gratitude to your household you provided.

the next time will tell about the promised me a long time ago, rolls. And they, perhaps, with poppy seeds.

On the video you can see another recipe of cake bird's milk with condensed milk.

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