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The Oktava factory will supply new development in the Department of Sberbank press releases 27.12.2018 at 22:00

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Tula factory "Oktava" (part of state Corporation rostec) has become the largest provider of financial-credit organizations of Russia — Sberbank. After the new market segment microphones for conferencing, the company has won the tender for the supply of products with the purpose of realization of the Federal project to create a single biometric system, which will facilitate access to banking services in all regions of the country.

the savings Bank, whose clients are more than half of the population will use the new development of the plant MCE-215 during the recording of the identification parameters for a single voice biometric system — a digital platform for remote biometric identification, which allows us to provide new digital commercial and government services to citizens anytime and anywhere.

the Jobs of tellers responsible for user authentication by voice, will be equipped with microphones which meet the requirements to information technologies and technical means intended for processing of biometric personal data. These requirements are specified by order of the Ministry of communications of Russia № 321 "About the order of posting and updating biometric personal data". And the Russian MIC produced by Oktava factory, completely corresponds to them in sensitivity, frequency range and other characteristics.

"We constantly analyze the industries that will intensively develop and adapt production capacity to new possibilities. With a large number of players in the market of musical equipment, the share of "Octave" in Russia — more than 17%. According to the development strategy of the enterprise, the share of civilian products exceeded 50%. A new vector of development — revenue growth by entering new product segments. According to our estimates, remote authentication is a promising system, the demand for the creation of which confirmed the efficiency of product diversification "Octave". Partnership with Sberbank demonstrates that Russian equipment successfully competes with Western, and staff developers "Octave" is able to quickly create a new product. This is one of the few companies today have considerable competences on the market of electro-acoustics", — said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "Oktava", Director of special Affairs of state Corporation rostec Vasily Brovko.

According to representatives of banks, microphone MKE-215 surpasses foreign analogues in some parameters. In comparison with foreign analog, which is battery-powered, model "Octave" convenient meal solutions for USB. Russian microphone does not require extension. Stable base and flexible arm allow you to securely install the microphone without purchasing the other accessories that are needed for the model of foreign production. "To get started no action is required, and the recording quality is better compared with the competitors," conducted an analysis of the Bank's representatives.

the Microphone in sturdy metal case is light (it weighs less than 350 grams), easy to operate and has high functionality: it can be used with computer conferencing or communication with the operator.

Also Oktava will be the supplier for other major Russian banks — Novikombank, Promsvyazbank. With alpha Bank negotiations for the purchase of new software "Octave" in 2019.