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New MacBook – who and what is it for

Inside it 28.12.2018 at 11:34

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Updated the MacBook is the most delicate in the whole range of laptops from Apple. Besides its additional feature is the low weight – 920 grams. It won't take up much space on the table and almost invisible. Choosing a device is updated, you need to understand how and why it will be used. This technique do not buy everything, so the main thing in this situation is not to be mistaken with a choice.

the Technical aspects of the new MacBook

Despite the mobility and relatively small size, diagonal new laptop 12 inches. Used the Retina screen, which has several advantages:

high resolution; decent quality pictures; small and neat frames around; the stability in color reproduction.

Also added a trackpad with the new Force Touch feature. The developer decided to update the keyboard and to improve its functionality. The installation of the Intel Core M processor, which control all of our procedures. Paired with him running the RAM at 8 GB. Offers a hard drive SSD a choice of 256 or 512 GB. Only one port standard USB-C, which speaks of simplicity and rationality.

Who will use the new MacBook

This is an effective and stylish solution for those who don't use the laptop constantly and in different situations. It is suitable for users who need to technique only a few times a week. Mostly surfing on the Internet, the ability to log into the social network, and view various videos, photos or pictures.

the Buyers must understand that the new macbook is not cheap, so it is necessary to protect and correctly to use. It will suit business people, advocates, lawyers, ordinary managers, bloggers and even students. With it you can perform many tasks that do not require large resources.

the simplest tasks doesn't contribute to the purchase of a MacBook Pro. The main thing – understanding why you need a device and what a life will in the future. The device is not suitable for demanding users who require large resources.

is There an alternative

It is always and in all categories of technology, but Apple is a renowned brand that is the same quality, specified style and bright solutions. Many choose equipment from this company for these reasons, excluding specifications and standards.