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Scientists noticed in Brazil “the rarest bird in the world”

Inside it 29.12.2018 at 15:14

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Kind of birds was opened in 1830.

Scientists after 23 years of searching, has noticed in Brazil tapaculo Stresemann, which is called “the rarest bird in the world.” As the news of it with reference to a small bird has a long tail and unusual singing.

it is Noted that females of this species were observed on 12 and 14 December. According to researchers, it gives hope that the population tapaculo Stresemann will be able to keep.

First tapaculo Stresemann was seen in 1830, the next time these birds have been seen only in the mid-twentieth century, and then they disappeared again for 50 years, until 1995.

Previously, scientists found that the Prairie vole is capable of empathy. Before that, scientists believed that the capacity for empathy is present only in animals with relatively large brains: monkeys, elephants, dogs. Now, researchers have found that voles, known as good family men, are able to assist your friends and relatives.