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Kitchen gadgets that are useful in almost every home

Inside it 29.12.2018 at 15:22

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They should pay attention.

Kitchen – workshop of taste and smell, which works wonders. Of course, assuming that it lies on the ground, eat fresh delicious food and all sorts useful gadgets by which products can be turned into a culinary masterpiece. The modern market is full of various kitchen equipment and appliances, but only some of them worthy of attention, convey the news of it with reference to

1. Device for purification of pomegranate

anyone who has ever eaten a pomegranate, knows difficulties with its purification. First you need to cut, then peel, separate each grain from the interior of the film, and only then move on to the good stuff. The whole procedure takes at least half an hour, maybe more. However, modern kitchen technology offers an easier and faster option.

When cleaning a pomegranate does not have to suffer if you buy such a wonderful device. The gadget helps to gently cut the peel of a pomegranate (have custom built stainless steel knife) that it was easy to separate without damaging the inner seed. Then you can use each of the halves of a pomegranate, tapping, knock out all the edible contents in the lower part of the device, presented in the form of container with rubber handles.

2. A quick grill in a microwave oven

Cooking will never be the same after you try to use a familiar recipe in this amazing kitchen gadget. The MicroPro grill is designed for cooking various foods in the microwave. It sounds a little surprising, but it enhances the action of microwave waves and increases temperature, which greatly simplifies the cooking process and reduces its time by almost half. The device heats up to 220 degrees, and then automatically maintains this temperature, eliminating scorching. Delicious grilled meat, fish or other products will please even those who have no oven.

3. Compact gadget for delicious hot dogs

Stylish, fast and comfortable – that's what it is, this is an amazing device for cooking hot dogs. A small-size gadget you can simultaneously cook up to 12 pieces. It has two compartments, one of which is preparing sausage and other delicious soft buns. The whole process is highly simplified due to the presence of an adjustable cooking timer.

the Manufacturer also took care of a large number of recipes called "hot dogs from around the world" that will allow you to try different versions of the creation of such simple, at first glance, the dishes to choose the most delicious for yourself and loved ones.

4. Handheld slicer for vegetables and fruits

an Amazing device that will be useful in any kitchen. With the help of this gadget to chop vegetables and fruits can be 5 times faster than with a knife. Comfortable handle fits in the hand, the hole diameter is almost 4 cm, allowing you to cut virtually any products. To grind them directly on a cutting Board, a plate, a frying pan or a saucepan. Manual slicer is easy to use and maintain cleanliness.

5. Unique cutting Board 3-in-1

Chopping Board consists of a tray for marinating and thawing, as well as a removable surface with an enamel coating. All components are firmly fixed to each other, but if necessary, also easily disconnected for cleaning and drying.

Cutting Board 3-in-1 is suitable for defrosting any type of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and berries, and much more. In the pan you can cook the marinade for different products and also store any other food. Due to the fact that a cutting Board covered with a special enamel, which takes cold air from food, the defrost time is significantly reduced. You do not need to use the microwave, electricity, batteries or any chemicals. Exclusively to room temperature and quick result.

6. Digital multifunction kitchen scale

Contrast LCD display and high-precision electronic sensor works flawlessly. In the attached to the scales removable bowl with a spout can be folded any products so you immediately know their exact weight. Trade recipe will be simple and accessible because it can be accurately follow all the necessary proportions. Typically, these scales have a capacity up to 5 kg weighing accuracy of 1 gram. Any hostess will be just delighted from such acquisition.

7. Kitchen slow cooker

the slow Cooker with three containers for cooking – ideal for a large family and those who loves to cook. Such a wonderful kitchen gadget allows you to cook a delicious meal for a large number of people, not spending all day in the kitchen. For each pot with the lid closed designed its own timer, so you can cook completely different dishes, the excellent program and cooking time. The presence of autophotography allows you to keep food warm up to 6 hours. In the built-in recesses are portions of the spoon which is very convenient to use while cooking. For covers there's a special holder.

8. Citrus juicer

Juicer comes with two interchangeable nozzles with different diameter of the protruding part. They are perfect for squeezing juice from different fruits: lime, grapefruit, orange, Apple, lemon, etc. to Use the gadget very well due to the non-slip base and ergonomic handle. Juice gets in the bottom part of the juicer with a spout through which liquid can be directly poured into a glass or dish.

9. Triple timer

Digital timer has several unique audible signals. It is useful for synchronization of short and long events (up to 100 hours). When time is not pinpoint, the LCD display works like a clock. The screen is easily visible even on glossy surfaces. Sustainability has non-slip feet. It works with batteries.

10. Ceramic stand for cooling drinks

a Great solution for a pleasant dinner or lunch with soft drinks, as well as outdoor recreation. Ceramic container is cooled in a natural way. To do this, it should be easy to hold in cold water for several minutes. The material cools and releases the coolness of the bottle, maintaining its temperature throughout the meal.