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Speed above all else: Mobile router and the modem from Huawei

Inside it 29.12.2018 at 15:28

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Anyone Today 4G is not surprising, but not every smartphone or laptop can connect via this technology.

If urban save wired network and free Wi-Fi, travel, the absence of a fast Internet is becoming a real headache. How to quickly upload a report, to throw a heavy file or send a photo? It's simple – use the mobile router, transmit the news of it with reference to

the Company Huawei has unveiled mobile wifi routers E5573Cs and E5577Fs. You can use them on multiple devices. For example, to connect a laptop, several phones and a tablet. If you need Internet on only one device – use a USB modem Huawei E3372H.

This USB stick has a slot for a SIM card and additional memory card slot. Ie it can be used as a normal USB drive. Also the model has two nests under the antenna to improve signal quality if you go to train, or are on a vacation in the mountains.

Your laptop will always be in touch with such a device, the modem supports 4G receiving data up to 150 MB/s. And even if you are in areas where your mobile operator has not yet installed new equipment, the modem will connect to 3G or 2G. And you can always use the Internet.

Now your router Huawei. It is designed for quick connection to the Network of 16 devices. For example, if you go with friends to the Carpathians to ski, one router is enough to provide high speed Internet with all your smartphones, tablets and laptops from one SIM card.

It is indispensable, and while traveling overseas. When you go company, enough to buy a card of a local operator to constantly be connected.

For ease of use, model E5577Fs equipped with a screen diagonal of 1.45 inches. In addition, the router has two slots for external antenna. This allows you to get a stable signal even in remote areas of the country. Slot for microSD card allows you to use your device as a USB drive – a nice bonus from the manufacturer.

At the same time without recharging it can work up to 6 hours of data transfer and up to 300 hours in standby mode. A router can be a real lifesaver, if due to the bad weather cut off electricity. You will still be connected.

Another model is Huawei – B315 – is not only a Wi-Fi router, but the router. It is designed for installation in offices, apartment houses or country house. Connecting it via cable to the Network, you can distribute Wi-Fi. But if your ISP has failed, and you are left without the Internet, the router will simply pass on the mobile. If you gets 4G, then you will provide up to 32 users speeds of up to 150 MB/s. Agree that it is an indispensable tool in emergency situations. And the possibility of connecting two external antennas definitely will provide you with high quality mobile signal and speed.

To this router you can also connect a USB printer, external hard drive or other storage device. So, you will be able to save on the extra routers.

All routers are easily managed with the app, Huawei HiLink. Available functions include checking network status, battery level, connection management, change password, shutdown and restart the device, saving files to the microSD card is in the router, parental controls and more.