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SEO All in One SEO Pack — personal blog. Creating, customizing, the WordPress plugins 24.10.2018 at 20:24

Creating, customizing, the WordPress plugins

What is the most common SEO plugin for WordPress site? I'm sure many will say that it is All in One SEO Pack, and they will be right. This wordpress seo plugin is installed in virtually everyone, as it easily allows you to edit the SEO titles of your entries on the blog wordpres.

For those who do not know what SEO headlines will say that they play an important role in the formation of the search results. That's why any seo promotion starts with the compilation of such titles, and this will help us All in One SEO Pack.

I Think that is enough of theory and turn to practice, namely to configure All in One SEO Pack on your blog.

the Plugin All in One SEO Pack Version 2.5.

the Required WordPress version: 4.4

Compatible up to 4.9.6


I Think that you already know how to install plugins to your blog. There is nothing complicated there. Who does not know how to do it, read here (there is a bit of information about plugins).

Settings of the plugin All in One SEO Pack

in order For the plugin, it is necessary to activate (this is done on the plugins tab).

Let's move on to configuring the plugin. To do this, go to the tab "General", here is the main settings.

the configuration of the plugin is not complicated, moreover, it has been translated into Russian language (of course, there are some shortcomings, but thank you for it).

General settings

Field 1 the Canonical URL to prevent duplicate content. Field 2 to Prohibit the pagination for canonical URLS is the essence of this option is that the canonical URL will be set for the first page (pagination — the numbering web pages). Setting your home page All in One SEO Pack

Immediately after this we see a field where you specify the description for the main page. Fill in these fields, as their completion will depend the frequency of your SERP in search engines.

fill the first two fields. They play an important role, but fill in the field "key words" may in its sole discretion, as the search engines do not use this information for issuance.

to include a field with the key queries fall in the bottom of the settings there will be an inscription setting keys note to Include, look at the screenshot below.

Settings header All in One SEO Pack

This part can leave the default settings or fill in your choice (you can change the shape of the output as you think). I filled so. Important to include to overwrite the headers.

Click to zoom

Settings for user-defined types records

Click to zoom

This part can fill as in the screenshot.

note: If your blog has pages for which you want to make an exclusive title tag, you can "enable advanced options" and then fill the checkbox next to the item "My header".

display Settings

are Configured and displayed, where to display seo headlines for blog posts, quite enough to mention the item Record Page and, if you have a shop then note the Products.

Such items as verification of webmaster and Google settings to prescribe their code which take in the Google webmaster and Google + .

the configuration of the indexing noindex

NOINDEX — a meta tag that prevents search robots that the content is not indexed.

an Example of its use: NOFOLLOW is a meta tag that indicates search engines that they have not followed the links. This can be especially useful when you do not want search engines to follow the links to specific content on your website or, more importantly, when you don't want search engines tracking outbound links to other people's websites.

an Example of its use: Here you have to customize what you're going to hide from robots: pages, posts, etc. the optimal solution settings given below in the screenshot-Click to enlarge

Advanced settings

Auto-generated description: if this checkbox is checked then it will automatically take 320 characters from the record tag of method descriptions.

Look at an example:

Click to zoom

That's all! Now just save the settings and all of your subsequent texts will be already SEO optimized.

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