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FTP client like FileZilla to work with him — personal blog. Creating, customizing, the WordPress plugins 24.12.2018 at 19:24

Creating, customizing, the WordPress plugins

Good day to All! Today I want to talk about a very convenient FTP (File Transfer Protocol — file transfer Protocol) FileZilla. What is it I need? You are asking yourself this question. I will answer this question. If you did everything as I described in the previous lessons and want to have a real website on the Internet, You will help this program. He easily transfers all files to the server (hosting).

what is the usefulness of the program, let's describe it:

first, it is very simple to use this program

second, supports such Protocol as FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

the Program will help you to upload and download files from different FTP-servers.

Support any language!

It is absolutely free!!!!

free Download You can from the official site and much more you will be able to know

How to use FileZilla

To start installing it at your PC, then launch open the program which will 6 Windows

Displays the status of the connection to the host. Local site in one word, your PC Desk, etc. Remote website your hosting where your site resides. The local site folder of your PC here roaming file. Your website. The process of task execution to transfer to copy files from PC to host and host to PC. Click to zoom

to Connect via FTP to the hosting

Go to the tab site Manager, and fill in all the fields that are out there, look at the screenshot below

Click to zoom

Points ❸ and ❹ it from the hosting provider they are taken with your host.

If everything is ordered correctly then in the window❸, and ❹ to display your hosting website files in a word the root of the pack website. From the first I was not able to connect through something that is not correctly prescribed, and using, a cool online which is occasionally buggy, so this error can be you, if you do not enter the correct FTP connection.

Finally got Internet connected to the hosting via FTP, look at the screenshot, it also showed the file transfer said digit❸, and ❹ where there is a process.

Click to zoom

On this on the go and all, note all the files transfer to PC backup, files are opened with text editor Notepad++ read the article if you still do not know.

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All questions about this topic leave a comment. Good luck!!!

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