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Overview: ruble in thought – whether to rent the 70-th and 80-th frontiers of the dollar and the Euro

Forex Club 29.12.2018 at 12:13

The Price of oil (March futures Brent) on Friday, December 28, the dollar rose 0.57% to 53,03 per barrel.

the Market of "black gold" stabilised after wide fluctuations in the last week of December. On the eve remained almost unnoticed by the American oil and gas service company Baker Hughes, a GE Company (BHGE) on the growth of 2 pieces of active oil rigs in the country for the week ended December 28, up to 885.

in addition, the US Department of energy for the week ended 21 December, recorded a decrease in the reserves is only 0.1 million barrels to 441,4 million barrels. The analysts predicted decrease in stocks of 2.9 million. Oil production in the U.S. last week, according to the Ministry, increased by 100 thousand barrels to 11.7 million barrels per day. The oil reserves in the country's largest terminal Cushing (Cushing) has increased by 0.8 million barrels to 41.3 million.

the Ruble on the last working day of the year slightly slide down towards the psychologically important round levels of 70 rubles per dollar to 80 rubles per Euro against the background of low market activity.

it Affects the fact that the Russian market is trading alone in the world today.

In summary, the "American" to 14.30 GMT rose with the start of trading on 0,2% to 69,63 ruble, Euro - by 0.2% to 79,84 ruble. Both currencies are still near the highs from September.

the Ruble price of a barrel of Brent crude in this case is around the mark of 3.65 thousand. Until the end of the day, the U.S. currency will be in the range of 69-70,2 ruble, the Euro – in the corridor was 79.1-80.5 per ruble.

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