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Who is to blame for the wreck of the Titanic: the experts found the answer

NEWS PLANET 29.12.2018 at 15:31

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As reported by journalists portal Express, the owners of the legendary Titanic somehow took the imperfect design of the ship at the design stage, what was the cause of the disaster.

the Cause of the shipwreck, on 15 April 1912 can't figure out to this day. Previously it was thought that the deaths of 1,500 passengers only blame the carelessness of the beholder, the owners of the ship of company "White Star" to the collapse was allegedly not involved. (

However, in the course of a new study scientists have decided that the disaster referred to above, the company and its leader Joseph Ismay still have a relationship. Thus, in the structure of the ship found one drawback, because of which the Titanic split into two parts.

the Ship consists of 16 compartments with doors that do not transmit water. These partitions could be closed, either manually or remotely. The decision was to save the ship from collapse, only vertical wall inside the Titanic did not extend to sufficient distance. The owners of the ship were aware of this shortcoming, but decided in the end just turn a blind eye.

Until today, the relatives of the dead accused in the shipwreck that is Joseph Ismay. According to some sources, Ismay forced the captain to accelerate the ship to arrive in new York faster.