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Scientists have captured the in space the mysterious body

NEWS PLANET 29.12.2018 at 16:06

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Newspaper Express reports that scientists at one of the previously ignored picture noticed the mysterious body, similar in appearance to the dragon. According to experts, the discovery proves the fact that people have extraterrestrial origins. (

the Establishment of a found in dust and space debris that have gathered in the stratosphere. Something is "biological entity", consisting of carbon and oxygen elements included in any form of life.

Scientists believe that the dragon originated in space, not on earth. The discovery was made by Milton Wainwright and his group of scientists from the University of Sheffield. A scientist sent to a height of 27 kilometers above the atmosphere of our planet, bowl to collect some particles.

the Discovery suggests the presence of life in space. It is possible that some organisms from time to time come to earth. The above picture can be seen a structure called the "dragon particle", consisting of organic elements. While it is not known, the structure is coherent or worth of microorganisms.