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Passengers of the plane he saw out the window the planet Nibiru

NEWS PLANET 29.12.2018 at 16:26

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According to one man from Russia, who flew on the aircraft, "S7 Airlines", appeared in the sky a second sun. It is "hanging" over the main luminary was much smaller than him. The passenger immediately pulled out his phone and started filming the anomaly. That managed to capture the witness of mystery. (

Some conspiracy theorists believe that the next appearance in the sky of the second sun means only one thing – to the planet Nibiru is approaching. Official scientists don't even want to listen to such fancies, then as enthusiasts with all the forces looking for evidence of the existence of planet X.

Scientists-Orthodox don't understand why all the countries are silent about the danger. According to experts, elites have been in contact with aliens since the last century. The base of the aliens is the Moon. It is the United States had not carried out a different mission, but why? At the time of rejection of the study of the moon and was concluded a Treaty with the aliens on the protection of the Earth from space objects, sure conspiracy theorists. That is why Nibiru is still flying in space, without causing harm to the humans.