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Mysterious glaciers on mercury: scientists were able to unravel their origin

NEWS PLANET 29.12.2018 at 18:02

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On mercury, as is known, the temperature reaches 430°C. However, the planet has glaciers that are hiding in some of the craters at the poles. From the Earth to master data objects is possible only with the help of radar. (

Experts from the universities of Maine and brown found out how there was a ice cap at such a hot site. So, mercury is no atmosphere, which is necessary for the formation of snow and ice. Consequently, ice 100% brought the comet that collided with the small body of the Solar system.

the Ice occurred about 50 million years ago. The thickness of the ice cover in the range of 50 meters. The glaciers are well preserved even with large day and night temperature changes. Deposits talking about one – at the poles of mercury colder climate.

the mercury Study began not so long ago: in 2018, was organized by the mission "BepiColombo", which should soon shed light on some puzzles of the planet. Scientists believe that mercury could get into the Solar system from another galaxy, because the body is radically different from the rest. Thus was born the planet may very under different conditions.