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Scientists have found under ground, the Viking ship

NEWS PLANET 30.12.2018 at 10:46

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According to the newspaper "The Guardian", the Norwegian archaeologists in the North opened the grave of Vikings, which was a interesting way. Thus, under the land hid the ship of the Normans, it was intended to show strength and mightily of the Vikings. The discovery has been made with a special radar in rural areas. (

Experts demolished the mound, under which lay the remains. Next door is another Jilly. The journalists noted that the district had discovered eight unknown graves.

the Head of the archaeological team Lars Gustavs from the Norwegian Institute said that the ship is a graveyard item. Soon excavated the mound to touch not plan. The only thing that scientists can figure out is the condition of the remains.

According to preliminary data, the ship was created thousands of years ago. Scientists say that in the grid point is buried very rich Norman, as only the wealthy could send the ship into the ground.