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NASA has found on Mars an unusual blue Sands

NEWS PLANET 30.12.2018 at 17:26

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On the red planet was captured an amazing picture of the interplanetary station "Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter": device filmed blue Sands, which were in the crater of liota. The diameter of the recess, by the way, is 236 miles, is such a huge hole to the North of the equator. Anomalous sand, as reported by NASA, strikingly stands out against the background of the Martian landscape. (

At the moment, scientists are at a loss to explain exactly how the sand had acquired a blue tint. The device may have filmed the illusion associated with a large number of microscopic particles of glass. The glass could reflect sunlight into the lens "Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter", thereby changing the color of the surface.

experts are trying to examine the anomaly, humans assume that the way the Martians are sending us a new year greeting with a hint of what the amazing Red planet.