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Scientists are trying to understand why the aliens do not go with us on contact

NEWS PLANET 30.12.2018 at 18:31

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Physicist Enrico Fermi in 1950, wondered why we still have not been contacted by any one race of aliens, if the universe, according to the belief of some experts, is teeming with life. The question scientists are discussing here is already 68 years old, however, no consensus it is not reached.

Some experts believe that life exists only in some galaxies that are significantly distant from each other. No technology will overcome the present distance between the civilizations. Others speculate that humans are the only creation who have attained a significant technological progress. Therefore, we need to look for aliens, not Vice versa. (

there is Also a third theory which States that advanced civilizations do not have time to master the space around their planet, as prone to self-destruction. Or maybe the aliens just do not want to interfere in our lives.

the Scientist Adrian Kent of the Institute of theoretical physics Waterloo believes that each civilization "lays low" when natural resources are depleted. The aliens just do not want to share resources with neighbors. It is possible that the aliens arrive to us to establish contacts, and to capture valuable resources that we have and so remains a little. Any civilization fear that their neighbors were hostile, and therefore remain in the shadows.