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Brontosaurus lived up to our days: in the Congo dinosaur killed four Hippo

NEWS PLANET 31.12.2018 at 10:20

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In the valley of the Congo has a forest, which by its area close to France. There are many frightening legends relating to this area. Even the local tribes trying once again to move away from the river so you don't accidentally stumble upon a monster. (

the forest is inhabited by pygmies, hunters and some other tribes. They believe that in one forest lake lives a creature called Chipeque. Hunter, Sumburgh in 1907 wondered why near the reservoir there are no hippos, although the conditions are perfect for them. On belief of the local people, hippos eating monster. It easily swallows such large animals.

Scientists in the last century decided to launch into the lake four Behemoth, so they created a colony. On the first day of one animal disappeared, and after a time disappeared, and the rest. None known predator cannot eat hippos, moreover, in such numbers, said the scientists.

According to Steiner, Chipeque is a Brontosaurus. In search of the monster went at the time, the grandson of a hunter by the name of pitt, however, disappeared. What happened to him – a mystery. In 1981, experts from the University of Chicago found traces of unknown creatures, and in 1983 there was even a recording of the monster made by researchers from the Congo.