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Revealed unexpected information about the castle of count Dracula

NEWS PLANET 31.12.2018 at 19:22

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In the world, providing scientists with a fascinating new information about the world famous Dracula's castle, or, rather, fortress, Corvina, which, according to legend, was imprisoned Vlad the Impaler, known as count Dracula, informs portal news of the world.

the last castle study, scientists were able to find previously unknown premises. As noted by the historian Isabelle Morris, the experts wanted to discover a secret torture room. For this, they used scanning technology Foundation in Transylvania. The equipment was able to scan objects at depths of up to several tens of meters.

Except for some buildings and structures, scientists were able to find some stone support, designed to prevent the destruction of the castle at the points where the Foundation went beyond the solid rock of the cliff. Noticed this detail will help to strengthen the structure, which has experienced restructuring and recovery.

According to scientists, the history of Dracula greatly exaggerated. There is no evidence that he was greedy for blood, etc.