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Review of the film "the Last Tree" Reviews 27.12.2018 at 11:10

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The Last almanac on new year's misadventures and experiences. Well-known heroes of the franchise once again will solve the difficulties of life in the new year's eve. The one who didn't love - love. He who does not forgive - forgive. All will be well.

it took nearly a decade from the date of the release of the first "Trees". During this Christmas time, the franchise has grown to six feature films and a spin-off about the brothers our smaller. Despite the fact that the national audience has already developed a reflex every new year to go to the almanac in cinemas, the creators came to the decision about the completion of a cycle. "The Last tree" – the seventh and final (according to the statements of the crew) movie.

the scene from the movie "the Last Tree"

to make a Fuss in the New year's eve will be all the same characters. Jack (Sergei Svetlakov) will walk in on his best friend Boris (Ivan Urgant) with the news that he and his family moved back to Yakutia. Uncle Yuri (Dmitry Nagiyev, which gives whether ensign Zadoff, or Teacher), will light up the idea to propose to mother of Andrew (Elena Yakovleva). Naive Gal (Valentina Mazunina), staged with the help of handcuffs her woman's happiness in the last series, will decide again to use them to build relationships. Dumb snowboarders at this time instead of a clear plot and get romantic is a McDonald's employee which the characters will be called out. The most amusing story will serve as a touching story of Marina (Yulia Alexandrova), which tries with the help of bloggers – from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad – find the Denis, which so wants to make up his father Evgeniy Valentinovich.

all in All will ultimately be well. New year happy ending is predictable overtake each of the characters, but the treacherous passes of the viewer. The final picture one gets the impression that a decade of filming, the authors were so tired that even themselves do not believe in the power of the Christmas spirit. The film only confirms the well-known from childhood the words of Hippolytus that "we lost the spirit of adventure". Become the hero of the "irony of fate," conclusions of the writers here are not very comforting: for happiness is not necessary to run; you could just as uncle Yura, lying on a cot in an unfinished suburban house and happiness itself will come to you in the cold of winter in the woods with a basin Olivier in his hands.

the scene from the movie "the Last Tree"

"If you're friends, let go" – at some point it is appropriate Svetlakov joked. To let go and say goodbye to "Trees" will probably be not difficult. "The Last tree" is not only devoid of original ideas sincere about helping each other in difficult times, but the jokes, without which the movie has turned into one big advertising Billboard. Real in the title be only "Christmas Tree". Everything else – another trick of the PR. The last "Tree" will only be for larger screens. TV, however, will give them a new life in the form of the series and the entire channel is "Christmas Tree.TV".

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