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Review of the film "Mary Poppins returns" Reviews 02.01.2019 at 06:47

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Emily blunt in the role of Mary Poppins; now you've got something to go on vacation.

Again windy on Cherry street. The great depression hit and the family Bank teller Michael banks: the money they barely have enough food, and here the native Bank threatens to take away the father's house for delay in the payment of the loan. Fortunately, the sky of London in time to bring down "perfection in everything", promising to take "care of the Banks".

About the unexpected - after nearly 55 years - the return of strict nanny with the umbrella is not much to tell: compliment is sometimes harder than to blame, and what is the interest to maneuver between exclamation marks and enthusiasm level of "great", "wonderful" yeah "amazing"?..

the Film - truth - very good, with only, perhaps, but necessary clarification: it is good if you are willing to accept the story. That's all it's magic with dolphins in the bath, and a chase in a porcelain bowl and dancing lamplighters climbing the big Ben at five minutes before midnight (plus there is still singing and dancing). "Believe me, anything is possible - even the impossible"; if such a statement you obviously abhorrent and realism of, say, film-making (or milnot, for example, domestic telemovil) you put above all, it is not necessary, perhaps, this time, into temptation: but what if your bored face would spoil the mood of merry vengeance neighbours?.. (Just in case, check yourself for "Paddington".)

on the other hand, the undoubted advantage of the story - its basic and even to some extent haughty antihumanist. To live the Banks is really not easy: not only that, the author's whim, a mother of three glorious children a year died (Michael and Jane are brother and sister, another woman would be superfluous here), so even the threat of eviction - are not illusory. Fortunately, seismologist kids visible to the naked eye that, apparently, should once again emphasize that happiness in the form of the best nanny in the world only comes to positive children, earned it by their behavior. (The aforementioned Jane, by the way - trade Union activist.)

of Course, the story finds the merits of a painting are not limited. And here's the surprise – you must praise Rob Marshall, this beauty is famously and provocatively put.

surprisingly - because Marshall, in fact, directed by a very modest cinematic talents: his films, maybe something good, but in essence – deep secondary. Secondary, to some extent, and this tape, or inheriting, or borrowing the style of classic hits by Robert Louis Stevenson (again together on the biopic "Saving Mr. banks", which focuses on the role of Walt Disney in the creation of all memorable masterpiece). But here is where the staging talents of Rob Marshall came at just right: by some miracle, he managed not only not to screw up (and it was), but to saturate the space frame the most that neither is fairy dust.

without going into details, we highlight the most striking is absolutely seamless transitions between rooms! The reality and the magic here is in such close proximity that only just one step to find yourself on the other side. Can't complain about: it's really cool made.

But who else deserves special praise is the performer of the title role. For the first time appeared on the Russian screens thirteen years ago in a wonderful teen film "My summer of love," Emily blunt stuck in the viewers mind after only a year due to the relatively small, it would seem that role in "the Devil wears Prada". But it took several years and a few movies to Emily shot armor-piercing head-banging doublet - "edge of tomorrow" and "Killer", securing the impenetrable image of Atomic women, Women With Gun, Women, One Look Where the Muscle being Cramped (we note parenthetically that between these bands the first time she worked with all the same Rob Marshall antiscatter in the musical "the farther into the forest...").

Then there were some other names, but only after 2018, the year Emily blunt finally, perhaps, acquired the status of almost certainly recognizable and beloved superstars: did his job extremely hit and very positively accepted by the critics "a Quiet place" and now "Mary Poppins comes back", we meet, as you can tell by the first reviews are very complacent. Now, certainly no longer need to explain who it was: the break is fixed, the way back (hopefully) will be no more.

But Hark! "We are on the threshold of exciting adventures, don't scare them off." However, it is time to call it a day. Moreover, the issue of the new "Mary Poppins" only one: will now extend the franchise?

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