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New year in a new format

Blog Yandex 28.12.2018 at 14:50

Blog Yandex

In the night from 31 December to 1 January television include even those who quietly without him all year. Holidays, greetings from the stars and "Irony of fate" is an important part of the ritual of the New year. This year we invite you to spend the holiday together. We will present gala shows and new year's eve show it on Yandex.

Working on the project, we sought to preserve the best traditions of the new year's broadcast, but to rethink the content: new formats, new humor, new faces. The modern world is arranged so that all new first appears in the Internet. Therefore, guests of the show will be those whom in the course of the year many users asked Yandex, musicians, artists and bloggers.

Together with leading holiday, Ilya Sobolev, Irina Chesnokova and Sasha Spielberg — we have prepared a lot of surprises. Sergey Shnurov in the role of Santa Claus, greetings from Leonid Parfenov, stand-UPS and mini-talk shows, musical numbers and a series of short film short story — all this and more can be seen in the new year's eve on Yandex.

Users can not only watch the events on the screen, but to react via Emoji. We have provided a special holiday kit — tangerine, Santas, and other attributes of the New year. Emojis can be sent to the ether where they will see all the audience.

Christmas show starts the night of December 31 and will go until midnight. After midnight the disco will begin. Their hits will perform live CYGO, Elena Temnikova, Tree, Arthur Pirozhkov and other popular Internet performers.

Show we have prepared together with the media company "Red square" — the manufacturer of the TV "Fashion verdict", "let's get married!", "The voice", "Who wants to be a millionaire?" "Russian ninja" and "the best!"

in Advance to tune in the festive mood will help our Christmas channel. It can clock to watch themed movies and cartoons: from the "Carnival night" to "Trees" and "the Secret service Santa Claus". Here we are again useful designed in Yandex DeepHD technology that enhances image resolution using neural networks.

Christmas channel and a festive show you can look at Yandex.Live — in and in Annex Yandex. The service is available on computers, mobile devices and Samsung Smart TV, and Yandex.Station — suffice it to say, "Alice, turn on the Christmas channel".

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